JANUARY 9, 2017

Fluke® Process Instruments Expands Line of Endurance® Series High-temperature Ratio Pyrometers

Fluke® Process Instruments announced the expansion of the Endurance® Series line of high-temperature ratio infrared pyrometers to include three new single-color models and one new two-color model with extended temperature ranges and enhanced optical resolution characteristics. These best-in-class pyrometers meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, including primary and secondary metals manufacturing, carbon processing, silicon production, and now foundries and welding, as well as rubber and thick plastics. Read More


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JULY 11, 2016

Temperature monitoring of glass heat treatment

At the glasstec exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, temperature measurement specialist Fluke Process Instruments (hall 14, stand B22) will showcase infrared thermometers and in-process temperature profiling solutions complete with glass-industry-specific analysis software. Together, the Datapaq, Ircon, and Raytek product lines cover all temperature measurement tasks in glass manufacturing that are otherwise hard to conduct. Read More

MAY 25, 2016

An eye on hot spots in steelworks and metals processing – Endurance infrared thermometer

Fluke Process Instruments will showcase infrared temperature monitoring solutions tailored to primary and secondary metals manufacturing processes at the 2016 HeatTreatmentCongress in Cologne, Germany, in hall 4.1, at stand B- 071. Geared at high-temperature applications, the new Endurance series covers wide measured temperature ranges of +550 °C to +1,800 °C and +1,000 °C to +3,200 °C, respectively. Read More

MAY 25, 2016

HeatTreatmentCongress Cologne: new high-precision, high-value 20-channel temperature data logger

At the forthcoming HeatTreatmentCongress in Cologne, Germany, Fluke Process Instruments (hall 4.1, stand B-071) will be exhibiting temperature profiling systems tailored to steelworks and metals processing applications. The new DATAPAQ TP3 data logger connects up to 20 thermocouples and stores up to 3.6 million data points. Read More

OCTOBER 21, 2015

Turnkey Temperature Monitoring System for Wallboard Production
Noncontact Quality Assurance and 100% Traceability

Fluke® Process Instruments launches a new, complete turnkey solution for real-time temperature monitoring and documentation of wallboard manufacturing processes. The TIP900 system is an efficient quality control tool designed to help manufacturers quickly set up their line and improve yield. Read More

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

Fluke Process Instruments Introduces Endurance™ Series High-temperature Ratio Pyrometers

Fluke Process Instruments has introduced the Endurance™ Series of high-temperature ratio pyrometers. These rugged and flexible instruments enable continuous visual process monitoring and are designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, including primary and secondary metals manufacturing, carbon processing and silicon production. Read More

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

Fluke Process Instruments Introduces SpotScan™ Line Scanning Accessory for Spot Pyrometers

Fluke Process Instruments has introduced the SpotScan™ line scanning accessory for its family of best-in-class spot pyrometers. Compatible with the Endurance™, Marathon, and Modline® 5 and Modline 7 Series of infrared (IR) noncontact temperature measurement sensors... Read More

AUGUST 20, 2015

Raytek®, Ircon® and Datapaq® join forces to create Fluke Process Instruments

Fluke Corp. is integrating its Raytek, Ircon, and Datapaq product lines into a new brand: Fluke Process Instruments. All three companies have been part of the Fluke Corporation portfolio for some time. Read More

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