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Food Tracker System


Expect higher quality, more yield and better baking with the Datapaq® Food Tracker® Thermal Profiling System


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Limit human error with intuitive software

Time-consuming jobs like measuring cooked goods with a handheld thermometer at the end of the baking or chilling cycle does not give you a complete picture of each item’s journey throughout the entire process. With the Datapaq® Food Tracker Thermal Profiling System, you can define new development processes and achieve a firm, dry crust and a soft center for your baked goods by simply studying the data obtained from the thermocouples that monitor each baking cycle. Using our sophisticated software, you can quickly extract the data necessary to determine whether your entire batch was successfully baked – inside and out. 

Immediately detect temperature inconsistencies

Effectively monitoring and calibrating your oven’s temperature and humidity makes all the difference to its overall performance; and although professional-grade ovens are built for frequent usage, temperature drift is a common occurrence.  

It's essential to quickly detect changes inside the oven to prevent uneven baking. With the Datapaq Food Tracker, you can get a detailed picture of heat distribution in the oven and make the necessary adjustments needed to correct temperature drifts. Not only will your goods come out looking and tasting as you intended, but you can also use temperature data to predict and prevent equipment faults from developing. 

Increase quality and throughput with consistent results

The overall taste, texture, aroma, and appearance of your baked goods relies on a systematic, reliable baking process and heat inconsistencies can result in burnt, dehydrated or undercooked products that are not suitable for consumption.  

With accurate temperature monitoring through thermal profiling, you can avoid expensive setbacks in production and ensure that every aspect of your breads and pastries always meet expectations and fit the product packaging perfectly.

The Food Tracker's radio functionality, meanwhile, provides access to real-time cook validation, enabling you to shorten the cooking cycle and increase throughput. Quick reporting and analysis also reduces your process validation time and allows you to produce higher volumes without affecting product quality or on-site safety. 

Comply with safety regulations

Strict food industry regulations require commercial bakeries to provide validation that complies with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act and HACCP guidelines. With the Datapaq Food Tracker, you can generate tangible reports so you can share your validation data with confidence. 

Datapaq can also help you prevent mold and harmful bacteria growth by monitoring both the oven and chiller environments to ensure that the core temperature is consistent. Our technology enables you to create a fully traceable process, from start to finish, along with all the quality assurance documentation you need to satisfy HACCP criteria. 




  • オーブン温度の均一性をメッシュベルトの全幅でモニタリングして、製品の一貫性(色・サイズ・食感)を保証し、廃棄の発生を防ぐ
  • 新しい加工ラインや製品を効率よく最適化して、重要な味・食感・色から、パイ皮の出来具合やしっとり感なども実現
  • 最適なベーキング条件を保証して、カビや菌類の発生を防ぎ、消費期限を最大限に
  • 完全に検証済みのトレーサブルな書類を作成して品質を保証し、HACCP基準を満たすとともに、あらゆる規制に準拠した生産を保証
  • 耐熱ボックスのラインナップは、プロセスの条件(温度と時間)や寸法上の制約を含めた様々な種類の製パン用オーブンに対応
  • MultiPaq21データロガーは最大8チャンネルの測定ができ、温度の均一性を正確に測定可能。さらにFood Trackerのセンサ取付け治具なら、製パン用メッシュベルトの全幅で素早く簡単に取付けの繰り返しが可能
  • 湿度計やリアルタイムな無線通信機能など、強力なアクセサリでオーブン温度プロファイルのモニタリングをさらに効率化し、製パンにおける品質を検証