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Fluke Process Instruments Cambridge

Our Advantage

What is the Fluke Process Instruments Advantage and what does it mean for our customers?

The ability to quickly and accurately measure and verify temperatures throughout the manufacturing process has enabled innovators and producers to bring their projects to life, successfully deliver scalable results and overall help the world function better.

Thermal profiling and non-contact monitoring solutions optimize the production process for just about any every sector – from the manufacturing of consumer goods to large scale construction initiatives and the production of aerospace and automotive equipment, our tools help to ensure precision, safety and consistency.

As a division of the Fluke Corporation, Fluke Process Instruments (FPI) acts as the umbrella brand for industry leaders Raytek, Ircon and Datapaq. With over 200 years of combined experienced across our broad portfolio, FPI is trusted by some of the world’s most reputable brands and pioneering industries to supply durable and reliable temperature measurement solutions.

Our solutions at work at Barley Chalu Ltd UK – now also a satisfied user of the new EasyTrack3!

Our non-contact temperature monitoring and thermal profiling solutions are customized for the most unique applications and are designed to perform in the most demanding environments. We provide our customers with tools that allow for a fully automated process so production can continue around the clock while they get the temperature data needed to help ensure product quality, process control, on-site safety and more.

Pioneering industrial firsts

Success in manufacturing is the ability to ensure a standardized level of quality – repeatedly and consistently. When businesses invest in equipment, the goal is always to improve performance, throughput and product quality.

We’ve pioneered many industrial firsts, market innovations and new technologies – including introducing the first truly plug-and-play microprocessor-based IR thermometer and the standard design for two-color pyrometers. Our temperature profiling systems are also known as the industry standard some of the harshest manufacturing industries.

Fluke Process Instruments helps to eliminate the costs attributed to manual errors so you can continuously verify your process and produce products that meet the gold standard. Faulty stock or equipment malfunctions can lead to significant losses that compromise your entire production line but, with accurate temperature measurement, you can quickly validate the quality and meet your output quotas. This helps to maintain a better reputation with your customers and ensures that your brand remains consistent.

Our temperature measurement tools are also designed to meet global quality and other traceable calibration standards including:

We're everywhere you are

The FPI team has worked hard to build a trusted and recognizable brand around the world. Our customer-centric approach helps us find effective solutions and provide local, expert support to our customers, regardless of the time zone.

We know that the requirements of our customers' work are often time contingent, which is why our experienced salesforce operates from all corners of the globe. We provide our customers with local experts who can help create a solution best suited to your process and application needs.

Where competitors have left customers stranded due to travel restrictions, our extensive network has allowed us to continue serving our clients, even in unprecedented times.

To find out more about our range of products and services, get in touch with us today. We're happy to discuss all technical and pricing aspects of our products and ensure that you can start optimizing your production process with the help of smart temperature measurement tools customized specifically for your sector.

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