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Fluke Process Instruments family of products

Datapaq Solar Tracker System

The SolarPaq® Thermal Profiling Systems from Fluke Process Instruments are designed specifically for solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing including applications like contact firing, contact drying, anti-reflection coating for the solar cell, lamination and other thin film processes. These systems, consisting of user-friendly Insight™ software, Datapaq® DP5 data loggers, stainless steel thermal barriers, thermocouples with PTFE or mineral insulation and accessories, provide users with the tools needed to gather accurate, repeatable results for process optimization, maximize cell efficiency and throughput, and more.

SolarPaq for anti-reflection coating of PV cells

SolarPaq® for Anti-reflection (Sputtering) Coating Process

SolarPaq temperature profiling system for anti-reflection coating monitors the temperature profile of photovoltaic (PV) cells as they pass through the plasma coating process without interference and costly modifications to the cell carrier.
SolarPaq Contact Firing

SolarPaq® for Contact Firing

The SolarPaq temperature profiling system for contact firing processes uses a radical new probe clamp and enables accurate and repeatable measurements on a production cell without the need for gluing or test piece set-up. The cell is slotted into the carrier and the specially designed thermocouples are then slid into position, as required.
SolarPaq for Contact Drying and Firing Processes

SolarPaq® for Contact Firing and Drying

This unique system extends the comprehensive SolarPaq product range so that all thermal processes in a typical PV production line can be profiled using Datapaq systems– from anti-reflective coating through paste drying, contact firing and finally, module lamination.
SolarPaq for Lamination Process

SolarPaq® for Lamination Process

The Datapaq SolarPaq temperature profiling system for the vacuum lamination process is an easy, quick solution to temperature monitoring without the need for trailing thermocouples or risk of damage to the lamination equipment.
SolarPaq for CiGs Panel Coating

SolarPaq® for CiGs Panel Coating

SolarPaq temperature profiling system for CiGs Panel Coating monitors the glass substrate as it passes through the vacuum coating process. This system passes through the multi-chamber process, measuring the temperature profile from up to 4 positions on the glass; even with the plasma activated. This feature, combined with the unique reflective plate thermal barrier enables the system to be used without disrupting normal production flow.
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