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Acoustic Imaging Solutions

Visualize the unheard and the unseen with the power of fixed acoustic imaging solutions from Fluke Process Instruments. Fixed acoustic imaging enables users to detect, locate and visualize air and gas leaks or changes in sound signatures across their process and equipment in real-time before they become costly problems.

By using an array of sophisticated sound sensors and powerful SoundMap™ technology, our acoustic imaging solutions translate the sounds they hear into visual representations so users can quickly locate changes and problem areas across compressors, pumps, pipes and more.

In addition to 24/7 remote monitoring, our fixed acoustic imaging solutions can integrate into factory systems seamlessly and user-defined alarms can be established to alert users when sound signatures have changed, even in the facility areas that are hard to reach.

By serving as an early warning system, facilities can continuously monitor equipment to optimize performance, perform preventative maintenance or detect anomalies well before a failure occurs to keep your processes up and running.

Learn more about our current acoustic imaging options below.

SV600 2021 Automation Award Nomination Three-Quarter Photo

SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager

Detect, locate and visualize the unheard and unseen air and gas leaks or sound signature changes in your process
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