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Fluke Process Instruments family of products

Infrared Process Imaging Systems

Fully integrated infrared thermal imaging systems for glass processing, plastic extrusion coating, thermoforming machine control, kiln shell monitoring, gypsum wallboard production and more.
GS Process Imaging System

GS Glass Processes Thermal Imaging System

The GS Glass Processes System provides continuous, accurate and real-time thermal images and temperature measurements for moving processes in glass bending, forming, annealing and tempering, as well as low emissivity (low-E) glass production.
TF Process Imaging System

TF Thermoforming Thermal Imaging System

The Thermoforming TF Thermal Imaging System features a variety of linescanning systems that provide continuous, accurate and real-time thermal images and temperature measurements for thermoforming processes.
CS400 Cement System Image

CS400 Kiln Shell Imaging System

Specifically designed for harsh kiln environments, the CS400 Kiln Shell Imaging System is a fully integrated solution that continuously monitors kilns for hot spots – helping your team avoid costly damage and unscheduled downtime.
EC Process Imaging System

EC Extrusion Coating Thermal Imaging System

Detect, measure and classify thermal defects in real-time for extrusion coating, co-extrusion and laminating processes.
ES Process Imaging System

ES Sheet Extrusion Thermal Imaging System

The ES Thermal Imaging System is ideal for continuous web applications such as hot strip mills, continuous casting, glass wool production, laminating for both glass and plastics and more.
TIP900 Wärmebildsystem für die Gipskartonherstellung
TIP900 Wallboard Profiling System

The TIP900 system is a comprehensive thermal imaging and noncontact profiling system designed to supervise the temperature of wallboards coming out of the oven. It uses an infrared thermal imager to continuously scan the entire board surface temperatures and allows the detection in real time of moisture and density variations inside each board. Intelligent TIP900 software package is designed to monitor and adjust for maximum board quality and detect defects or process changes.

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