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Modline 7 IR Thermometer

Ircon® Modline® 7

Noncontact temperature sensors to serve a wide range of applications

Ircon-Pyrometer Modline 7
Bedienfeld des Modline 7
Schutzgehäuse ThermoJacket
Ircon-Pyrometer Modline 7
Bedienfeld des Modline 7
Schutzgehäuse ThermoJacket

Great Performance for a Broad Range of Applications

  • Monitor and archive your process with an intuitive graphical user interface
  • Ensure the integrity of the measurement with instant noncontact temperature readings
  • Configure and fine tune your sensor remotely with ModView Pro software and built-in user interface
  • Standard through-the-lens and laser sighting on all models

Combined with Ircon® ModView™ Pro software and a variety of accessories, the Modline 7 infrared thermometer offers exceptional versatility with extended temperature ranges -40º to 2250ºC (-40 to 4082ºF), high-resolution optics and fast response times.

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The Ircon Modline®7 infrared thermometers are designed for continuous temperature monitoring in nearly any application in industrial temperature process control. Offering four different models to choose from these rugged pyrometers feature an IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosure, standard motorized focus control, as well as through-the-lens and laser sighting.

The sensing head can operate as a stand-alone sensor, providing simultaneous analog and digital outputs of process temperatures.

With extended temperature ranges, high resolution optics and fast response times, the Modline 7 provides the versatility to solve your most demanding applications. An intuitive sensor design, with integral water cooling in a stainless steel enclosure or high temperature waterjacket, reduces installation and setup time. Standardized installation accessories and common ModView™ Pro software platform minimize multiple product configurations at your factory.

Key Features:

  • Read temperature ranges from -40 to 2250 ºC (-40 to 4082 ºF)
  • Withstand ambient temperatures from 5 to 65 °C (41 to 149 °F)
  • Remote motorized focus and high resolution optics up to 100:1
  • Integrated through-the-lens and laser sighting
  • Compact, rugged design, IP65 / NEMA-4 rated
  • Digital RS485 communications (networkable) to monitor up to 32 Modline 7 sensors
  • Simultaneous analogue and digital outputs
  • 5 year warranty included
  • ModView™ Pro software compatible

ModView™ Pro Software

Modline 7 series features a suite of software programs and utilities to interface with the sensors, including ModView Pro software. With built-in user interface, ModView Pro software displays target temperatures and allows for sensor parameter adjustment to configure or fine tune your sensor remotely.

You can easily change temperature display from ºF to ºC, set or change emissivity levels, scale the range, focus the sensor, and turn on or off filters, such as peak hold, valley hold and averaging, as well as save data for future reference or graphing. Users can also preset alarms for early warning detection, system on/off control or for quality record keeping.

Model Number
74 Series
75 Series
77 Series
78 Series
Temperature Range
-40 to 800° °C
(-40 to 1472° ºF)
250 to 2250 ºC
(500 to 4082 ºF)
250 to 2250 ºC
(500 to 4082 ºF)
300 to 900 ºC
(572 to 1652 ºF)
Spectral Response
8 to 14 μm
3.9 μm
4.8 to 5.2 μm
7.9 μm
System Accuracy
± 1% of reading or ± 1°C for Tmeas > 0°C (32°F)
± 2ºC for Tmeas < 0ºC (32ºF)
± 2ºC or ± 2% for
Tmeas < 350ºC (662ºF)
± 1% of reading
for Tmeas > 350ºC (662ºF)
± 1% of reading
±0.5% of measured value or ±0.5°C (1°F), whichever is greater
Optical Resolution (D:S)
70 : 1
100 : 1
Response Time
120 mSec
60 mSec
120 mSec
Temperature Resolution
0.1 ºK
Adjustable; 0.10 to 1.15 in 0.001 increments
Signal Processing
Peak hold, valley hold, averaging, ambient background temperature compensation



Ambient Temperature 5 to 65°C ( 41 to 149°F)
with air cooling: 10 to 120°C (50 to 250°F)
with water cooling: 10 to 175°C (50 to 350°F)
with ThermoJacket: 10 to 315°C (50 to 600°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Environmental Rating IP65 (NEMA-4)


Standards and Compliance

EC Directive 2014/30/EU EMC
EC Directive 2011/65/EU RoHS Compliance amended by Directive (EU) 2015/863
EN 61326-1: 2013 Electrical measurement, control and laboratory devices - Electromagnetic susceptibility (EMC)
EN 50581: 2012 Technical documentation for the evaluation of electrical products with respect to restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS)
KCC Electromagnetic Compatibility applies to use in Korea. This product meets requirements for industrial (Class A) electromagnetic wave equipment.

Ircon Modline 7 pyrometers can be used across numerous industries, from low temperature plastic processing to high temperature glass and metals processing, including the list below and many others.

Click here if you would like to speak with an expert to discuss your application

Each Modline 7 model includes through-the-lens sighting and stainless steel air/water cooled housing, stainless steel and fixed bracket (stainless steel), as well as operator's manual and ModView Pro Software Software.

The accessories shown in the list below are only a few of the many available for Modline 7 sensors to support a variety of application needs. A complete list of power and communication accessories, protective windows and environmental protection products, as well as mounting brackets, can be found in the Modline 7 sensor manual. Please contact your local sales representative for detailed information.

  • Aluminum air purge collar - APA-7
  • Stainless steel air purge collar - APS-7
  • Stainless steel adjustable bracket - RAM7
  • Adjustable mounting base for water jacket - WJMB-7
  • Mounting flange for use with sighting tubes - WJMFST-7
  • 30cm (12") Stainless steel sight tube (up to 800ºC/1472ºF) - WJST12
  • Power supply (24VDC, 100/240VAC input) & terminal block mounted in a NEMA 4 (IP65) enclosure - POI-7
  • 24VDC 1.2A Industrial power supply, DIN rail mount (100/240VAC input) - PS-7
  • Spare terminal block accessory - TSP-7
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