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Kiln Firing Monitoring

Datapaq Kiln Tracker Thermal Profiling System

Confirm and control your product and kiln process temperatures

Kiln Tracker System
Kiln-Tracker Softwarebild
Hitzeschutzbehälter TB6000
Kiln Tracker System
Kiln-Tracker Softwarebild
Hitzeschutzbehälter TB6000

Unravel the Mysteries of Your Process

  • Optimize quality and productivity with through-process temperature monitoring
  • Accurately measure surface and core temperatures for up to 20 points on the products
  • Check thermocouple connections via Bluetooth using the Datapaq Insight Mobile App
  • Obtain immediate feedback for setup and problem solving with real-time data
  • Optimize the kiln, saving energy

Designed for the long process durations typical in the ceramics industry, the Datapaq Kiln Tracker System enables you to get accurate in-process product core and surface temperature profiles from within the product passing through the kilns in real time.

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The Datapaq Kiln Tracker from Fluke Process Instruments features the Datapaq TP6 data logger, choice of thermal barrier for either Tunnel Kilns or Roller Hearth Kilns, thermocouples and our intuitive Datapaq Insight™ Software to create a complete solution.

Specifically engineered barriers are available for floor, roof, and wall tiles, heavy clay, sanitary ware and tableware. Barriers are small enough to fit beneath the kiln car, and have sufficient thermal capacity to withstand high heat for the duration of the process.

Data Logger

The Datapaq TP6 is the perfect solution for the most demanding high-temperature profiling applications with a 316-grade machined stainless-steel case and IP67 rating. Once combined with the Datapaq Insight™ Software, you can display information from the data logger in real time via the optional Radio Frequency (RF) system or via standard USB/Bluetooth connections.

  • Available in 10 and 20 channel configurations and two case styles.
  • Water resistant (IP67 rated).
  • Communication via USB or Bluetooth
  • Real time telemetry via USB, RF telemetry and Bluetooth.
  • Alkaline, NiMH and Lithium battery options.
  • Compatible with the Datapaq Insight™ for mobile application.

Thermal Barriers

Created to fit under kiln cars, the TB6000 Thermal Barriers series is the ultimate choice for tunnel kilns. Their innovative design allows for ease of use, rapid setup and removal times, as well as to suit short or longer duration processes.

For roller hearth kiln applications, Fluke Process Instruments offers thermal barriers with uniquely designed water tank surrounded by a blanket of ceramic fiber insulation. In addition, the thermal barriers used in the tunnel hydro kilns are fully water tight and feature robust 310 stainless steel casing to resists corrosion. Many different solutions are available as standard and made-to-order systems can be supplied.


Every Datapaq Insight™ Software product is designed to convert your raw data into meaningful information that can be acted on. All three software options provide a clear user interface, context sensitive help screens and wizards to assist novice users. The ability to change the language and email results directly from software enables you to share information across the plant and across the world, whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

Critical profile results are available on one easy-to-read screen, automatically informing you of any out-of-tolerance parameters. In addition, a software alarm warns you immediately of process issues, allowing you to take corrective action before product damage occurs.

Key Features:

  • Monitor rates of heating and cooling across the Quartz Inversion Point
  • Review mimic positioning to see exact position of burners, fans, etc. in relation to the profile
  • Monitor variable push rates scales throughout the run
  • Generate certified and traceable profile reports to satisfy all your documentation needs
  • With telemetry features and software, observe the exact temperature profiling in real-time
Datapaq TP6
Model Number
TP6126 / TP6126-TM
TP6326 / TP6326-TM
Temperature range
-100 to 1370°C (-148 to 2498°F)
Dependent on thermocouple type (Type K shown)
USB or Bluetooth*
Memory capacity
4 million data points
Start/stop triggers
None (automatic), Manual, Rising/falling temperature, and time based
Sampling interval
0.1 sec – 50 mins with no telemetry
2 sec – 50 mins with RF telemetry*
± 0.3 °C (0.5 °F) – Type K
± 0.1°C (0.18 °F)
Thermocouple type
Type K (J,N,T,R,S,B are available)
Multiple run capability
Up to 10 profile runs before returning to PC

*Contact Fluke Process Instruments for availability of RF telemetry and Bluetooth in your country.


Datapaq TB6000 Series Thermal Barriers for Tunnel Kilns

Model Number
180 x 350 x 480 mm (7.1 x 13.8 x 18.9”)
154 x 279 x 429 mm (6.1 x 11 x 16.9”)
120 x 200 x 370 mm (4.7 x 7.9 x 14.6”)
Thermal duration
 @150°C (300°F)
 @200°C (400°F)
 @400°C (750°F)

250 hrs
115 hrs
35 hrs

150 hrs
78 hrs
25 hrs

98 hrs
48 hrs
12 hrs
Data logger
TP6126/TP6126-TM and TP6326/TP6326-TM
Maximum operating temperature
Max under car temperature 400°C (752°F)


Datapaq TB3000 Series Thermal Barriers for Roller Hearth Kilns

Model Number
150 x 382 x 610 mm (5.9 x 15 x 24”)
200 x 432 x 660 mm (7.8 x 17 x 25.9”)
300 x 512 x 735 mm (11.8 x 20.1 x 28.9”)
Thermal duration @700°C (1290°F)
5 hrs
7 hrs
16 hrs
Data logger
Maximum operating temperature
1250°C (2282°F)

Heat Treatment ApplicationThe Datapaq Kiln Tracker Profiling System featuring standard range of our thermal barriers are designed for use in long duration, high temperature ceramic kiln processes.

Please contact us with questions about solutions for custom kilns and applications.

  • Tunnel Kilns
    Verifying the temperature for quality assurance in industrial kilns and furnaces is common practice and a requirement for well documented processes. With an easy-to-use Datapaq Kiln Tracker Profiling System, you can obtain measurements from up to 20 thermocouples and receive a full picture of both surface and core temperatures, which can then be used to calibrate and optimize kiln settings. These systems are designed to be placed under the kiln car and can withstand short or longer duration processes.
  • Roller Hearth Kilns
    Our Kiln Tracker Systems are specifically created to the specific requirements of kilns firing roof tiles (featuring TB3031), tableware (featuring TB3036) and sanitary-ware (featuring TB3038). Our systems move with the products through the kiln, are fully water-tight, resist corrosion and provide long service life.

Special and Custom Solutions

The experienced engineering team at Fluke Process Instruments has produced numerous thermal barriers for applications, ranging from temperatures of -40°C to 1350°C (-40°F to 2462°F). They can design a complete solution for your specific requirements. Contact us to request information about a custom Datapaq thermal profiling solution.

Radio telemetry link

Radio telemetry accessory

The Datapaq TP6 radio telemetry system utilizes high temperature radio-frequency technology to allow data transmission from the data logger in real time. As the system travels through the process, product and process temperature data can be viewed, analyzed and reported instantaneously. This technology can be applied to monitoring key thermal processes in most industrial heating applications.

Thermocouple, mineral-insulated, Type K, 1.6 mm/0.06 in. diameter, Nicrobell™ Sheath

Operating range 0 to 1250°C (32 to 2280°F). Fitted with miniature high-temperature plug for direct connection to data logger.

  • PA0710  1 m/3.3 ft
  • PA0711  2 m/6.6 ft
  • PA0715  5 m/16.4 ft
  • PA0717  10 m/32.8 ft
Thermocouple, mineral-insulated, Type K, 3.0 mm/0.12 in. diameter, Nicrobell Sheath

Operating range 0 to 1000°C (32 to 1.832°F). Fitted with standard plug for direct connection to thermal barrier.

  • PA0531  3 m/10 ft
  • PA0532  6 m/16 ft
  • PA0537  10 m/33 ft
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