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Temperature Monitoring in Construction Materials

Ceramics and Kiln Firing

Ceramics and bricks are fired in a kiln at temperatures up to 1200°C/2200°F. The entire process can take up to several days from entry to exit, as the product travels through cycles of drying, pre-heating, firing and cooling.

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Application Need 

Product temperature monitoring is needed through the kiln cycle to provide the required product and zone specific temperatures.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Verify and optimize firing cycles by understanding product temperatures throughout the process
  • Improve kiln efficiency by fine-tuning line speed, fuel usage and load conditions
  • Monitor quartz inversion index for optimum product quality
  • Real-time data to enable 'on the fly' changes during the production cycle
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Multiple thermocouple types on a single logger for flexible monitoring of both ambient and product temperatures
  • Real-time monitoring, enabling on-the-fly changes before the next kiln car
  • Reduce scrap by optimizing drying and firing zones

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