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Software Demo Downloads - Profiling

Before downloading your FREE temperature profiling and analysis demo software, you will be prompted to complete a brief form. Upon receipt of your completed form, you will receive a demonstration license number and download link, which will allow you to install the software. Contact your local sales office with questions regarding software or product

Please read before you download demo software: For optimal download, please turn off your pop-up blocker. We recommend that you select the “Save” option and unzip it from your computer using your choice of software. To use the “Open” option, you will need to have WinZip installed. Visit for your free download

Oven Insight™

EasyTrack® Insight

Furnace Tracker® Insight & Survey

Kiln Tracker® Insight

Food Tracker® Insight

Solar Tracker® Insight

Reflow Tracker Insight & Surveyor

Reflow Tracker EasyOven Setup

Reflow Tracker EasyOven Setup & Surveyor

Paqfile Viewer Software

Paqfile Viewer Android App

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