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ET3 temperature data logger

Datapaq® EasyTrack®3 Thermal Profiling System

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Thermal Profiling Systems

EasyTrack3 Temperaturprofilsystem
Datapaq ET3 Datenlogger
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ET3 Datenlogger im Hitzeschutzbehälter
ET3 Datenlogger
Key Features 
Easy-to-use thermal profiling system designed for the Industrial Powder Coating market
Selection of light-weight yet robust thermal barriers to suit specific application needs
Improved ET3 logger design with more memory, battery life and onboard intelligence
New EasyTrack Insight Professional Software option with more operation, analysis & reporting power
New capabilities with Multiple runs & SmartPaq (Run PASS/FAIL directly from logger)

Product Overview

EasyTrack3 Thermal Profiling System is designed for temperature profiling of powder coating ovens and products.  It is the third generation of the globally accepted Datapaq EasyTrack brand successfully used in the powder and paint coating market by applicators and coating suppliers.

With choice 4 or 6 measurement channels, the EasyTrack3 system allows you to monitor and record product temperatures in your curing oven. Use the detailed temperature profile data to:

  • Monitor and prove QA
  • Optimize your powder coating oven performance and save energy costs
  • Identify potential problems in your powder coating process and correct them quickly and efficiently

Customize your EasyTrack3 system with ET3 temperature datalogger and a choice of thermal barriers, software and thermocouple range to meet your exact industrial coating process needs.

For detailed information download the EasyTrack3 BrochureEasyTrack3 Datasheet and EasyTrack3 3 Key Wins.

EasyTrack Insight™ Software

The EasyTrack3 temperature profiling system comes with two choices of software; standard EasyTrack Insight or the new EasyTrack Insight Professional version.

Both software versions allow to confirm that cure temperatures meet paint manufacturers’ specifications, make comparisons probe-to-probe, identify that the Datapaq® values fall within an acceptable tolerance range and evaluate process parameter changes. With a simple click of the mouse, you can print out a profile report that will satisfy all necessary regulatory requirements.

In addition, the Professional software package unlocks some new key features of the ET3 datalogger, such as multiple run and SmartPaq operation. It also provides an enhanced analysis and reporting platform allowing a professional coating suppliers to offer efficient service to their customers.

For detailed information, download the following resources:

Datapaq ET3 Data Logger

The ET3 datalogger guarantees accurate temperature profiling and is designed with the easy two-button operation. Improved logger memory of x3 permits the profile detail your coating process demands (0.5sample interval = 2.5 hours run). A battery life is improved x2.5 over the previous EasyTrack2 logger. Performing safely in up to 85°C/185°F, the plastic cool-touch case allows safe and comfortable handling even after the most demanding runs. Supplied with onboard calibration certificate, the ET3 temperature logger provides complete traceability to comply with QA standards.

EasyTrack2 in aluminum powder coating line at Barley Chalu Ltd UK –now also a satisfied user of the new EasyTrack3!