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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings

Paint and Powder Suppliers

Coating manufacturers supply a wide variety of industrial coatings (paints, powder coatings, lacquers, PTFE, etc.) to end-users, who apply coatings in the manufacturing of their own specific products.

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Application Need 

Coating suppliers need a means of performing temperature profiling to ensure that the coating they supply to their customers (the applicators), is cured correctly to an accurate specification. Coating suppliers require evidence (at the customer site) that the customer's process "oven" is working correctly, to ensure coating quality and optimal process efficiency, as part of their value added service. Services could include: R&D of new chemistries, oven commissioning and optimization, fault finding studies and oven service & maintenance programs.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Optimize new customer oven processes to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Identify problems, such as oven cold spots quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime
  • Process validation to obtain accredited applicator status or meet other legislative certification requirements
  • Demonstrate accurate coating cure to guarantee product quality and eliminate risk of either rejects or rework costs
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Portable, easy-to-use oven profiling system, which can be used efficiently at applicator site to profile oven
  • System configuration choices to meet the customer's specific application needs
  • Easy-to-use reporting, using Insight™ Software efficiently provides critical and fully traceable profile report

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