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SV600 Controller

Fluke Process Instruments SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager now fully integrated with Boston Dynamics’ Spot® robot to more rapidly pinpoint problems

June 15, 2023
Fluke Process Instrumentshas worked with Boston Dynamics to bring its SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager capabilities to Spot®, the world’s most widely used legged mobile robot. With the new firmware 3.3 release for Spot®, the robotic dog, the SV600 is even more fully integrated wit h the robotic system making it easier to program acoustic inspection actions directly from the Spot tablet.

Press Releases

Thermoview TV30 Thermal Imager Press Image

ThermoView TV30 Thermal Imager monitors temperature in severe environments without direct connection to a PC

In the extreme heat of industrial environments, relying on a personal computer to monitor process applications can be a recipe for failure. The new Fluke Process Instruments ThermoView TV30 thermal camera enables industrial teams to set up thermal imaging systems without the constraints of being constantly connected to a vulnerable computer.
CS400 Cement System Software Image

Rotary kiln monitoring

Specifically designed for harsh kiln environments, the CS400 is a fully integrated solution that continuously monitors rotary kilns for hot spots and can picture every brick in real-time to detect wear and tear, prevent costly damages and unscheduled downtime, and extend production runs and the kiln’s operational life.
SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager

Fluke Process Instruments Debuts SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager for Manufacturing Environments

Fluke Process Instruments releases its first fixed acoustic imaging solution, the SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager. The SV600 Fixed Acoustic Imager enables users to detect, locate and visualize air and gas leaks or changes in sound signatures across their process and equipment in real-time before they become costly problems.
Datapaq TP6 Datalogger Press Image

Fluke Process Instruments Debuts New Datapaq® Furnace Tracking Systems for Demanding Heat Treat Applications

The new Datapaq Furnace Tracker System is designed to be used repeatedly, in-process in the most hostile manufacturing environments, providing accurate and reliable through-process temperature surveys. Each system can help users improve process performance, decrease downtime, reduce temperature uniformity survey (TUS) reporting times and more.
Thermalert 4.0 Pyrometermodelle

Fluke Process Instruments Releases Latest Thermalert 4.0 Series Pyrometers with ATEX and IECEx Certification Options

Fluke Process Instruments, a global leader in infrared imaging and thermal profiling solutions for industrial applications, launches the latest Thermalert 4.0 Series Pyrometers, adding intrinsically safe ATEX- and IECEx-certified models.
MP Linescanner Series

Fluke Process Instruments MP Linescanner Series speeds non-contact temperature imaging and analysis

New line of industrial scanners delivers real-time thermal imaging at scan speeds up to 300 Hz
Datapaq Furnace Tracker System - Thermal Barrier

Boosting glass vial and syringe production

Fluke Process Instruments offers powerful sensing tools for glass vial and syringe production that allow manufacturers to ramp up production while ensuring consistent high product quality.
Temperaturüberwachunglösung für die Metall- und Stahlindustrie - ThermoView TV40

ECHT European Conference on Heat Treatment

Fluke Process Instruments will present temperature measurement solutions and connect with customers at the ECHT 2020 web conference and expo, 30 Nov – 2 Dec.

Endurance pyrometer

High-precision, high-temperature reference pyrometers

The innovative one- and two-color Endurance pyrometers from Fluke Process Instruments are ideal for use as dedicated calibration instruments (DCI).

Datapaq Food Tracker System

To boil, or not to boil

The food processing industry relies heavily on temperature measurement – not only to prove compliance with food safety.

infrared temperature sensors webinar graphic

Webinar on IR sensor maintenance and restart

Fluke Process Instruments will host a webinar on proper maintenance and restart of industrial infrared sensors on 9 June 2020.

Pan and Tilt Accessory for Thermoview TV40

Pan and Tilt Thermal Imaging Solution for Industrial Critical Asset Monitoring

Fluke® Process Instruments launched the ThermoView Critical Asset Solution, which includes the new Pan and Tilt accessory enclosure for remote monitoring.

Datapaq DP5 12-channel data logger

Fluke® Process Instruments Introduces an important addition to the family of Datapaq DP5 temperature loggers

Fluke Process Instruments launches a new narrow 12 channel data logger for temperature profiling in short and medium-duration processes in the electronics and paint & powder-coating industries.

ThermoView TV40 Kamera mit Wärmebild

SPS 2019: IR cameras and pyrometers for factory automation

Fluke Process Instruments will present infrared measurement technology for automatic, noncontact temperature monitoring in industrial processes at the SPS trade show in Nuremberg, Germany.

Thermalert 4.0 Pyrometermodelle

Pyrometers for high temperatures and various fieldbuses

Fluke Process Instruments extends its Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series, adding new shortwave versions and various additional interface options.

Temperaturüberwachunglösung für die Metall- und Stahlindustrie - ThermoView TV40

Temperature monitoring in metals processing

Fluke Process Instruments will showcase temperature sensing solutions for primary and secondary metals production at the 2019 HeatTreatmentCongress in Cologne, Germany.

Fluke Process Instruments debuts Spanish- and French-language websites

Fluke Process Instruments debuts Spanish- and French-language websites to better serve global customer base

Fluke® Process Instruments is pleased to announce the launch of its new Spanish- and French-language websites. Highlighting the company’s extensive global capabilities in industrial temperature measurement solutions, the sites were designed to better serve Fluke Process Instruments customers worldwide.

Temperature monitoring solution for metals - ThermoView TV40

Temperature monitoring for metals and steel

Fluke Process Instruments presents its range of thermal profilers and infrared temperature measurement solutions at the THERMPROCESS trade fair.

Dedicated temperature profiler for aluminum vacuum brazing furnaces

Profiling aluminum vacuum brazing furnaces

Fluke Process Instruments provides a dedicated temperature profiler for aluminum vacuum brazing furnaces.

New Spot Size Calculator App

New Spot Size Calculator App

Fluke Process Instruments has released the new Spot Size Calculator app for Android and iOS mobile devices, for desktop computers running Windows 10, and as an online app for use with all common internet browsers.

Datapaq DP5 Datalogger press image

Fluke® Process Instruments Introduces New Datapaq DP5 Temperature Loggers for All Soldering and Coating Cure Processes

Fluke® Process Instruments launches a new range of data loggers for temperature profiling in short and medium-duration processes in the electronics and paint & powder-coating industries. The Datapaq® DP5 series is optimized for ovens with a low clearance and reflow solder applications.

ThermoView TV40 Press Image

Fluke® Process Instruments Introduces ThermoView® TV40 for Industrial Thermal Imaging Applications

Fluke® Process Instruments today announced the ThermoView® TV40, a high-performance industrial thermal imager designed for the most challenging environmental conditions. Supported by intuitive and powerful analysis software, the new thermal imager provides a fully integrated solution for temperature control, monitoring and data archiving to ensure process traceability and product quality.

Thermalert 4.0 Pyrometer

Thermalert 4.0 - Smart pyrometers for plug & play factory automation

Fluke Process Instruments has launched the Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series for automatic noncontact temperature monitoring between -40 °C and 2,250 °C (-40 ºF to 4082 °F). The series currently comprises 13 models with varied spectral responses, including dedicated sensors for metals, glass, and plastics products.

Endurance Glasfaser-Pyrometer

Fluke Process Instruments Enhances Endurance Series High-temperature Ratio Pyrometers with Fiber-Optic Models

Fluke® Process Instruments announced the expansion of the Endurance® Series high-temperature ratio infrared pyrometers to include a new, rugged noncontact fiber-optic (FO) measurement system with single and two-color models. These best-in-class pyrometers meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, including primary and secondary metals manufacturing, primary glass manufacturing and laser welding.

Datapaq EasyTrack3 Datenlogger

Monitoring of paint and powder cure

Complementing the newly launched Datapaq EasyTrack3 temperature data logger for paint and powder cure, Fluke Process Instruments supplies a comprehensive range of precise and reliable thermocouple probes. The type K thermocouples are specified to ANSI MC96.1 for an accuracy of ±1.1 °C or 0.4%. 

Screen Capture - New website

Fluke® Process Instruments Launches New Website Combining Industrial Temperature Measurement Solutions

Fluke® Process Instruments has announced the launch of a new website,, combining its extensive global capabilities in industrial temperature measurement. The website was designed to reflect the company’s core competencies and mission to provide the most comprehensive infrared temperature measurement and profiling solutions for industrial, maintenance and quality control applications.

Hitzeschutzbehälter für Datapaq EasyTrack3 Datenlogger

Heat protection range for temperature profiling in paint operations

The new DATAPAQ EasyTrack3 temperature profiling system from Fluke Process Instruments addresses the needs of any paint or powder coating operation. A comprehensive range of thermal barriers protects the data logger with its non-volatile memory in infrared and convection ovens. The light-weight aluminum standard barrier shields the electronics for up to 2 hours at 200 °C.

Endurance IR Pyrometer

Fluke® Process Instruments Expands Line of Endurance® Series High-temperature Ratio Pyrometers

Fluke® Process Instruments announced the expansion of the Endurance® Series line of high-temperature ratio infrared pyrometers to include three new single-color models and one new two-color model with extended temperature ranges and enhanced optical resolution characteristics. 

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