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Thermalert 4.0 in plastic applications

Fluke Process Instruments Releases Latest Thermalert 4.0 Series Pyrometers with ATEX and IECEx Certification Options

EVERETT, Wash. (July 15, 2021): Fluke Process Instruments, a global leader in infrared imaging and thermal profiling solutions for industrial applications, launches the latest Thermalert 4.0 Series Pyrometers, adding intrinsically safe ATEX- and IECEx-certified models.

The complete lineup of Thermalert 4.0 Series Pyrometers includes numerous integrated infrared temperature sensors with our widest selection of spectral ranges that can be used for a wide variety of process control applications.

Each pyrometer conforms to Industry 4.0 standards, can withstand ambient temperatures up to 85°C (185°F) without extra cooling, combines innovative digital technology with standard two-wire installations for all setups (such as optional HART communications) and can now be ordered with ATEX and IECEx certification.

With multiple communication options, this smart infrared sensor provides users with the features they need to understand temperature data and control their unique processes in a compact, integrated package that is easy to install and operate.

“We’re pleased to release the latest models in our Thermalert 4.0 Series of Pyrometers,” says Dr. Martin Budweg, Product Marketing Manager at Fluke Process Instruments. “These smart, easy-to-install infrared sensors can help users across a variety of unique processes and applications improve their process control while taking their temperature data to the next level.”

The new intrinsically safe, ATEX- and IECEx-certified Thermalert 4.0 Series Pyrometers are now available. To learn more, visit Thermalert 4.0 Series product page or speak with a specialist in your region.


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