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Fluke Process Instruments family of products

Datapaq Oven Tracker Systems

The Datapaq Oven Tracker Systems from Fluke Process Instruments are designed to provide comprehensive thermal profiles for applications such as powder coating, paint curing, component supply and general paint, powder and e-coat OEM applications up to 400°C.

With our thermal profiling solutions, you can monitor your whole process from within the oven and gain meaningful information through automatic reporting, which turns raw data into meaningful analytics that showcase if optimal temperatures are met to ensure high-quality results.

Every Datapaq system features powerful Insight™ analysis software, which allows users to control data logger operation and converts raw data into actionable analytics to help you better understand your process, control it and optimize it. Each software option also gives users the option to print detailed, certified and traceable profile reports to ensure products meet industry specifications (such as ISO9000).

With robust thermal barrier options, the Datapaq Oven Tracker Systems can be tailored specifically for a range of applications OEM applications to help optimize product quality, reduce waste and prove compliance. Our thermal barriers guarantee robust thermal protection and continuous performance run-after-run, and several barrier designs feature patented Silicone-free construction to eliminate paint finish defects and contamination concerns.

Because every application has its own set of specific requirements, we have developed a series of Datapaq Oven Tracker Systems to best fit your unique application. Click below to find out more about the entire Datapaq Oven Tracker System – including our powerful Insight™ software, data logger options and thermal barriers.

Datapaq Oven Tracker XL2

Datapaq® Oven Tracker® XL2 Temperature Profiling System

This premium oven thermal profiling system provides the most comprehensive solution in automotive assembly, component supply and general paint/powder/E-coat OEM. With a choice of standard or specialized thermal barriers and powerful Insight™ analysis software, Oven Tracker® XL2 facilitates control & optimization of your cure process.
EasyTrack3 Temperaturprofilsystem

Datapaq EasyTrack3 Thermal Profiling System

Easy to use, accurate and reliable, the EasyTrack®3 system is designed for the day-to day needs powder coating application demands. Available in a variety of system configurations with thermal barrier, software and thermocouple options, it suits every paint/powder coater and supplier.
AutoPaq Thermal Profiling System Image

Datapaq® AutoPaq® System

The Datapaq AutoPaq is a customized thermal profiling system for temperature monitoring of paint, adhesive and sealant cure processes used in the automotive assembly market.
MonoPaq2 Thermal Profiling System

Datapaq® MonoPaq® Thermal Profiling System

The Datapaq MonoPaq is a customized oven profiling system designed specifically for monitoring the coating cure process of aluminum bottles, aerosols and collapsible tubes in Monoblock ovens. This system is based on the unique, smaller micro Q18 data logger and now allows both Monoblock OBO pin lines and IBO basket lines to be monitored.
StenterPaq Thermal Profiling System

Datapaq® StenterPaq® System

The Datapaq StenterPaq allows you to monitor the temperature profile of your fabric as it passes through the stenter/tenter ovens. It combines the latest data logger technology with thermal protection and analytical software to ensure your process is kept within specified tolerances.
WicketPaq Thermal Profiling System

Datapaq® WicketPaq® Thermal Profiling System

The Datapaq WicketPaq is designed specifically for temperature monitoring of metal sheet and environmental temperatures in the manufacture of three piece cans in the wicket oven.
RotoPaq System Image

Datapaq® RotoPaq® Thermal Profiling System

The Datapaq RotoPaq systems are designed specifically for use in rotomolding applications in domestic and commercial plastic products manufacturing. They can be used throughout the heating, as well as cooling cycles of the rotomolding process to monitor live process temperature data.
Thermal Profiling System for Physical Vapor Deposition

Datapaq® Thermal Profiling System for Physical Vapor Deposition

With the Datapaq Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Thermal Profiling System, you can adjust and monitor your thermal profile in the oven cycle of the PVD process and obtain the precise temperatures of the product required to achieve an extremely durable and smooth product finish.
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