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Fluke Process Instruments family of products

Fluke Process Instruments Legacy Products

The following legacy products are no longer available for purchase, but you can still find the manuals below.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our legacy products, please refer to the recommended replacement listed.

Recommended Replacement Product
Ircon® Modline® 4
Ircon-Pyrometer Modline 4

Thermalert® 4.0 Series Pyrometer

Ircon® Ultimax® Handheld IR Pyrometer

Raynger 3i Plus

 Infrarot-Thermometer Raytek Raynger 3i Plus
Raytek® Marathon MR Infrared Sensor

Endurance Integrated Pyrometer

Endurance Pyrometer
Raytek® Marathon FA Infrared Sensors

Endurance® Fiber-Optic Spot Pyrometer

Endurance Fiber-optic  Pyrometer
Raytek® Marathon FR Fiber Optic Thermometer

Endurance® Fiber-Optic Spot Pyrometer

Endurance Fiber-optic  Pyrometer
Raytek® XR Infrared Sensor

Thermalert® 4.0 Series Pyrometer

Thermalert 4.0 Pyrometer - Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Awards Finalist 2019
Raytek® ThermoView® Pi20 Fixed Thermal Imager

Raytek® MP150 Linescanner

Raytek® GS150 / GS150LE Glass Process Imaging System
GS150 Thermal Imaging System for Glass Processing


Raytek® EC150 Extrusion Coating Process Imaging System

Raytek® ES150 Sheet Extrusion Process Imaging System
ES150 Thermal Imaging System for Plastic Sheet Extrusion

Raytek® TF150 Thermoforming Process Imaging System
TF150 Thermal Imaging System for Thermoforming

Ircon® Modline® 6

Endurance® Fiber-Optic Spot Pyrometer

Endurance fiber-optic pyrometer
Ircon® Modline® 5

Endurance® Integrated Pyrometer

Pyrometer-Serie Endurance