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Software Downloads - Infrared

With questions regarding software not listed here, contact your local sales office or email us at

Please read before you download demo software: For optimal download, please turn off your pop-up blocker. We recommend that you select the “Save” option and unzip it from your computer using your choice of software. To use the “Open” option, you will need to have WinZip installed. Visit for your free download.

Fluke TV30 Thermal Imager Software and Firmware Upgrade

To ensure your TV30 Thermal Imager includes all the available features, make sure you have the latest version of operating firmware installed in.

In order to get notifications of future upgrades and updates, please register your Fluke TV30 Thermal Imager here: Fluke Product Registration

To upgrade the Fluke TV30-SA Stand Alone versions using a SCFW file:

Fluke TV30 Series 1.0.110 updates:

  • Added support for .JPG snapshots. Images can be saved manually or based on a condition and later downloaded.
  • Added support for Projects. Settings including Areas of Interest can be saved and opened manually or based on input condition.
  • Added support for setting Date and Time from OPC.
  • Added functionality that date and time is always synced when the user logs in, if the year is set before 2000 and NTP is not used
  • Fixed issues with time zone offset

Fluke TV30 Series 1.0.86 updates:

  • Issue fixed that a white web pages could be displayed.

Fluke TV30 Series 1.0.65 updates:

  • Added support for internal and Wago inputs in conditions and shutter configuration
  • Added password reset functionality.
  • Added ability to turn logging on / off.
  • Added support for "View on home" for individual values in an Area Of Interest.
  • Added support for persisting "View on home" on different browsers.

DataTemp Multidrop Software DTMD 6.1.99

This software supports Endurance and Thermalert 4.0 pyrometers.

► Download DTMD 6.1.99 software

Raytek® DataTemp Multidrop Software DTMD 5.4.1.

This software supports the following: Compact CM, Compact MI3/MI3M, all Marathon Series, Thermalert TX and XR pyrometers.

► Download DTMD 5.4.1. software

Marathon Field Calibration Software 2.12.

This software supports all Marathon Series products.

► Download Field Calibration Software

Raynger 3i Plus Mobile App

ThermoView Software

ThermoView Software Lite

Spot Size Calculator App

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