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Customized Thermal Profiling Systems

Bespoke design services to ensure the optimum solution for your application

Customized Thermal Profiling Systems
Datapaq Thermal Barriers
Customized Thermal Barriers
Thermal Barriers Heatmap

Unravel the Mysteries of Your Process

  • Work with our design team to ensure the profiling system integrates seamlessly with your process
  • Optimize quality and productivity with through-process temperature monitoring
  • Optimize the furnace, saving energy
  • Analyze data immediately with real-time radio telemetry from inside the process

Designed to provide the benefits of temperature profiling in unique heat treatment processes, these systems enable users to get reliable and accurate temperature profiles and from inside of the oven.

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Process engineers worldwide use Datapaq temperature profiling and monitoring systems to optimize product quality, reduce waste, confirm compliance with industry standards and more. If our current offerings of specialty systems do not meet your requirements, the engineering team at Fluke Process Instruments will design a custom thermal profiling solution – complete with data logger, custom thermal barriers and our Insight™ Software.

These bespoke systems enable through-process temperature profiles to be obtained in processes where trailing long thermocouples are not an option. Each thermal barrier is designed in close collaboration with the end-user, providing the optimum solution for every application.

Data Loggers

Fluke Process Instruments has a wide selection of data loggers ranging from the stainless steel cased Datapaq TP6 and the rugged Datapaq DP5 for high temperature heat treating to the Multipaq 21, Datapaq XL2 and Datapaq ET3 for the food, automotive and coatings industries, among others.

Thermal Barriers

Reliable thermal profiling systems require rugged, robust thermal barriers that have been carefully designed with your application in mind. Thermal barriers need to provide sufficient thermal protection from the process as well as fit within the physical constraints of the oven or automated loading/unloading system.

For more than 30 years, Fluke Process Instruments has worked in thermal barrier development and has created a library that contains thousands of bespoke designs. Our unique design capabilities can be as simple as adding lifting eyes compatible with robot-handling systems or as complex as creating an entirely new design.

Typically, thermal barriers are made up of a high-temperature steel enclosure that houses a layer of microporous insulation, which surrounds an inner cavity with a sealed phase change heatsink. This combination provides the best thermal protection vs. volume in most applications. For short duration or height-limited applications, however, the heatsink is removed to maximize the microporous insulation.

For processes in ceramics kilns and some metals heat treatment, for example, a combination of microporous insulation surrounding a water tank is used to provide protection in processes that can reach 1400°C (2552°F) and in processes lasting many days.


Every Insight™ thermal profiling software is designed to convert your raw data into meaningful information that can be acted on. All three software options provide a clear user interface, context sensitive help screens and wizards to assist novice users. The ability to change the language and email results directly from software enables you to share information across the plant and across the world, whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.


Thermocouple sensors are an essential part of any Datapaq Thermal Profiling System. Designed and tested to last with the highest accuracies in the most demanding environments, they are placed at critical points on the product to give a clear profile of the temperature throughout the process.

Fluke Process Instruments offers a wide variety of PTFE, glass fiber and mineral insulated thermocouples to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures. Every thermocouple we supply complies to ANSI MC 96 special limits of error of +/- 0.4% or +/-1.1°C.