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Fluke Process Instruments family of products

Infrared Linescanners

Fluke Process Instruments Linescanners are designed for continuous monitoring of parts or processes. The up to 300Hz scan speed is the fastest in the business. This provides more complete data about even the highest speed manufacturing processes. With up to 1024 data points per scan and up to 200:1 optics, each spot on the target surface is over sampled up to three times, providing complete coverage.

Infrared thermometers are the fastest and safest way to measure critical temperatures necessary for process control and automation. Infrared linescanners are ideally suited for temperature measurement of continuously moving sheet-to-sheet and kiln processes. With our linescanners you can implement a non-contact solution to be used on high value-added materials and high capital equipment to improve throughput and yield, while monitoring and protecting your production assets. Tighter process control usually results in less product variation, increased product quality and throughput. This works by utilizing the temperature data and scanner alarm triggers (set around zones that have specific predefined temperatures) in conjunction with the ability to integrate with software, as well as external cooling and heating systems.

Our linescanners feature a wide choice of spectral and temperature range. The built-in Ethernet TCP/IP allows you to utilize an existing network. An internal line laser for rapid alignment also means lower installation costs, while built-in water cooling and air purge features help maintain the scanner.

Fluke Process Instruments’ thermal infrared linescanners can withstand the harsh industrial environments that are expected when manufacturing metals, cement and glass.


MP Linescanner

MP Linescanner Series

Designed for the harshest environments, the MP Linescanner Series provides accurate, edge-to-edge and real-time thermal imaging and temperature measurements for continuous processes. See it all with up to 300Hz scan speed and 1024 data points per scan, allowing you to find faulty temperatures, such as hot spots, before an error occurs.

Ircon® ScanIR®3 Thermal Scanner

The ScanIR3 thermal scanner bridges the gap between spot thermometer and thermal imager. Well-suited for temperature measurement from continuous sheet and web-based processes to discrete manufacturing, it offers one of the fastest scan speeds available.
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