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To boil, or not to boil

The food processing industry relies heavily on temperature measurement – not only to prove compliance with food safety but also as a crucial means to optimize cooking cycles and save money. As a provider of thermal profiling and non-contact infrared temperature measurement solutions, Fluke Process Instruments has all requirements covered. Datapaq Food Tracker systems record the product and air temperatures in such processes as cooking, baking, and freezing. Based on a Datapaq datalogger, thermocouples, a protective barrier, and the powerful, yet easy to use Insight analysis software for lethality calculations, they pass through the process with the food products and generate HACCP-compliant reports. The Food Tracker’s radio functionality enables real-time cook validation, allowing operators to shorten cooking cycles and increase throughput. Complementing the profiling systems, infrared spot pyrometers such as the Thermalert 4.0, linescanners such as the Raytek MP150, and the TV40 thermal camera enable end-to-end product temperature monitoring. All these systems can continually monitor food products as they enter and exit an oven or chiller. They are designed for integration into process control systems and can be built into machinery for OEM applications.
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Datapaq Food Tracker System
Caption 1: The measurement technologies perfectly complement one another: Datapaq Food Tracker systems record detailed product temperature profiles throughout cook and chill processes
TV40 thermal camera
Caption 2: …and infrared monitoring equipment keeps an eye on products as they enter and leave processes