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Fluke® Process Instruments Launches New Website Combining Industrial Temperature Measurement Solutions

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., August 7, 2017

Fluke® Process Instruments has announced the launch of a new website,, combining its extensive global capabilities in industrial temperature measurement. The website was designed to reflect the company’s core competencies and mission to provide the most comprehensive infrared temperature measurement and profiling solutions for industrial, maintenance and quality control applications.

Fluke Process Instruments brings together more than 150 years of experience in pioneering new technologies into one integrated company. By joining three recognized brand leaders – Raytek®, Ircon® and Datapaq® – it offers a complete line of infrared sensors, linescanners, thermal imagers and profiling systems for use in today’s most demanding environments.

Fluke Process Instruments has consolidated multiple legacy domains into a single website with a new look and feel. Content and resources on the site are focused on industry and application-specific requirements, with solutions offered by type of technology.

“We wanted a website that projected our fundamental capabilities, including our ability to meet the challenges of industrial temperature measurement through a world-class customer portal,” said Fluke Process Instruments Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Steven Moore. “This site accomplishes these objectives and accurately conveys our dedication to providing process instruments and solutions that assist our customers with making products that help the world function better.”

Key features of the new Fluke Process Instruments website include:

  • Integrated Assets and Resources – Provides one-stop shopping with easily recognizable industry application solutions for IR temperature measurement and thermal profiling
  • Expanded and/or Refreshed Content – Increases availability of resources across the Fluke Process Instruments line and targets specific needs at each level of the customer journey
  • Intuitive Interface – Makes information easier to find, simplifies search functionality and contributes to an improved overall customer experience
  • Responsive Design – Simplifies navigation using any device (desktop, tablet and/or mobile) to keep pace with the new generation of industrial worker mobility
  • Greater ease-of-use – Includes top-level navigation with dropdown menus to put information at the visitor’s fingertips, and provides links to relevant resources on each product page
  • More Focused Sector capability – Helps end-users from various industries quickly and clearly understand solutions tailored to their unique requirements
  • Improved Product Descriptions & Details – Offers concise specifications and visual images of the entire portfolio, with applications and products cross-referenced on individual pages

Fluke Process Instruments developed its website based on recognized best practices and extensive voice of the customer (VOC) usability studies. The new site is currently provided in English, but will be updated to include German, French, Spanish and Chinese language versions in the near future. In addition, new Fluke Process Instruments social media sites will be coming soon!

For more information, please view the “Our Shared Purposes” video.

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