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ET3 temperature data logger

Heat protection range for temperature profiling in paint operations

Robust results ensured

Cambridge, UK - June 14, 2017

The new Datapaq EasyTrack3 temperature profiling system from Fluke Process Instruments addresses the needs of any paint or powder coating operation. A comprehensive range of thermal barriers protects the data logger with its non-volatile memory in infrared and convection ovens. The light-weight aluminum standard barrier shields the electronics for up to 2 hours at 200 °C. Thermal protection is ensured by high-performance microporous insulation and a heat sink.

The Datapaq EasyTrack3 Professional System extends protection to 3 hours, allowing users to monitor up to three cure processes consecutively. A thermal barrier for high-temperature PTFE and Dacromet coating withstands 400 °C for up to 90 min. Lastly, the manufacturer has also designed a low-height barrier for profiling typical mesh belt cure lines where oven clearance is significantly restricted. At merely 31 mm high, the barrier provides protection for a full 13 min at 200 °C or for 30 min at 100 °C. The logger operating temperature is 85 °C. It automatically switches off, should it ever heat above that point – for instance due to unscheduled line stops. This prevents faulty data collection. The profiler provides a measurement accuracy of ±1.6 °C (logger and thermocouple accuracy combined) over its entire operating temperature range. The robust, tried-and-tested system ensures successful measurements day after day.

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