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New Spot Size Calculator App

Fluke Process Instruments has released the new Spot Size Calculator app for Android and iOS mobile devices, for desktop computers running Windows 10, and as an online app for use with all common internet browsers. It integrates all Fluke Process Instruments infrared spot sensors and thermal imagers as well as legacy Raytek and Ircon devices. Users simply select a product and enter the mounting distance. The app then calculates the spot diameter or camera field of view. This will help customers find the right spot pyrometer for their installation environment – the measured object must be larger than the spot size to prevent measuring errors. In addition, the app will help customers optimally set up thermal cameras so they focus all areas of interest. The app supports English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese.
New Spot Size Calculator App
Illustration 1: The intuitive app calculates measurement spot sizes for infrared pyrometers depending on the mounting distance
Spot Size Calculator - App Stores
Illustration 2: The Spot Size Calculator app is available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and online, and can be downloaded from the respective app stores
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