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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings

Paint, Powder and Custom Coating for OEM

Custom coaters also referred to as "job shops", supply a coating facility to other OEM operations. Though not actually manufacturing an end-product of their own, the custom coater provides a variety of coating solutions for their customers, covering a range of different products.. The custom coaters often employ multiple coating lines and coating chemistries with different types of ovens (batch and conveyorized). Typically, hundreds of different product batches are processed on a monthly basis.

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Application Need 

When operating different cure lines for very different coatings and products, the custom coater needs an accurate methodology to identify how to cure the coating for each job and to ensure the quality of the finished product. The oven profiling tool is critical to initially perform process optimization studies to match oven characteristics and meet the demands of the product in achieving the critical cure schedule for the coating applied. The same tool is also required to perform regular QA checks, and provide certification to their customers that the cure process was completed to specification.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Rapid and effiicient oven process setup for new contracts/products
  • Regular QA tool to prove that each batch of product is processed correctly to eliminate risk of rejects or rework
  • Provide the necessary tool to perform rapid fault finding. If cure problems are experienced, to reduce downtime and risk of late product delivery.
  • Quality assurance tool used to promote and win new business/contracts by guaranteeing premium quality for potential customers
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Easy to use, value 'work horse' product, designed for routine daily oven monitoring by paint line operatives in the custom coating market
  • System configurations to meet different application needs, including the EasyTrack3 Professional System. Choose from an extensive range of barriers, thermocouples and software.
  • An easy, fully certified, traceable profile report - ideal for meeting customer QA validation requirements

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