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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings

PTFE and Dacromet Metal Coating

The application of high temperature coatings requires a cure temperature that exceeds 300°C/572°F. High temperature coatings, such as PTFE are used extensively in the manufacture of cooking utensils, cookware, irons and hair grooming products, where the coating needs to withstand high operational temperatures and often provide a non-stick product functionality. Other high temperature coating processes include high temperature Dacromet coatings for nuts, bolts, catches and other parts, often used in the automotive and construction industry.

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Application Need 

Manufacturers require the means to monitor the product temperature throughout the cure process to prove that it meets the coating supplier's specific cure conditions (Time @ Temperature). Correct coating cure conditions for the products are essential to guarantee that the coating provides its intended function, which may be to protect the product during its operational life or provide a key function, as for example, non-stick characteristics of a frying pan.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Optimize product quality by achieving correct cure and prevent under cure, which may result in adhesion problems leading to high rejects
  • Control the cosmetic appearance of products, including color, texture and gloss - key to customer perceived quality
  • Allow accurate identification of process cold spots, which is possible with flat mesh belt ovens where temperature can vary across the belt
  • Control and optimize the setpoint of the process, saving significant energy when operating at high cure temperatures
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Easy to use ET3 system with TB5000-HT barrier, designed specifically to meet the demands of PTFE cure process
  • Portable barrier, making transportation within plant, or plant-to-plant, easy and efficient, while protecting for 90 mins @ 400°C / 752°F
  • Insight™ Software options to meet the needs of basic process monitoring or in-depth process optimization and validation

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