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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings

Metal Coating

Metal coating is an application performed routinely worldwide, as a critical part of many OEM product manufacturing processes. The thermal cure of either solvent-based or powder coatings is essential to add value to the metal fabrication, by either protecting the product, providing an improved surface finish quality, or adding functionality to the product (e.g. PTFE - lubrication). The thermal cure of the coating in either batch or conveyorized ovens is critical to the performance of the end-product, and needs to be monitored and controlled.

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Application Need 

To cure the coating applied to the product, it is essential that the oven process is able to heat the product to the critical cure temperature and hold that temperature for the specified cure time. The cure specification is different for different coatings and different products will heat up at different rates depending on material (steel or aluminum), size and shape. To prove that a product matched the required cure schedule, it is essential that a oven profile is performed. The product temperature is recorded through the entire oven process to generate a temperature profile trace for comparison with the cure schedule to identify a good or bad cure.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Prove coating achieves cure schedule to guarantee product quality and elimate rejects or costly rework
  • Set up new oven processes accurately, quickly and efficiently without trial and error
  • Identify process problems when they occur and solve them immediately to reduce downtime
  • Produce the most effective process validation report, to satisfy any regulatory compliance demands
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Easy to use, robust and reliable oven profiling tool with 4 or 6 measurement channels, designed for the general metals paint and powder coating industry, at a price you can afford
  • Customizable with Insight™ Software, barriers and thermocouples designed to meet your specific application needs
  • EasyTrack3 Professional provides even more power with mutiple run capability, SmartPaq (run pass/fail direct from logger) for enhanced profile analysis and reporting

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