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Temperature Monitoring in Construction Materials


In the production of asphalt, the viscosity of asphalt cement varies with temperature. The quality of asphalt is graded based on ranges of consistency at a standard temperature.

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Application Need 

Asphalt is very temperature sensitive. When produced at the plant, if it is too hot, it oxidizes and becomes too viscous. If the asphalt is too cold, it is hard to spread at the job site. Asphalt plants need to measure the temperature of asphalt as it is loaded into the truck, to ensure that the asphalt mix has not cooled off too much in the storage silo.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Ensuring a better asphalt quality
  • Decreased liability for the manufacturer, including a less insurance due to rejected batches
  • Better documentation and reporting quality
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • High measurement accuracy indicating small temperature changes
  • Powerful air purge for a clean lens within in a steamy environment
  • High ambient temperature up to 85° (185 °F) without extra cooling

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