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Temperature Monitoring in Construction Materials

Rotary Kilns and Cement Processing

Use continuous infrared monitoring to picture every brick in cement kilns in real-time

For nearly every cement manufacturing process, one of the most critical steps take place within the rotary kiln. Because of this, it is imperative that users understand the condition of the refractory material coating the kiln to extend its operating life, as well as to prevent any disastrous failures.

Since users have no way to measure temperatures from inside of the kiln, looking at the outer surface is the only way to determine the refractory condition of the kiln. To aid operators in this task, Fluke Process Instruments has developed a continuous infrared process monitoring solution – the CS400 Kiln Shell Imaging System – which is designed to help users continuously detect hot spots, reduce set up times, avoid costly damage, optimize the kiln’s operational life and more, even in the harshest cement manufacturing environments.

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Extend Kiln Life and Avoid Costly Shutdowns

The CS400 Kiln Shell Imaging System is a fully integrated solution that continuously monitors the entire length of the kiln for hot spots. This allows users to easily determine the effectiveness of refractory material, and with infrared technology, any fallen bricks can be quickly detected so appropriate action may be taken to prevent further damage or costly shutdowns. Using the CS400’s robust software, users can study temperature trends and predict when materials will reach unsafe operating conditions, enabling operators to schedule maintenance and plan when to replace refractory with minimal downtime. Additionally, with “one-brick” resolution options, users can also detect hot spots in the kiln’s shadowed areas.

Reduce Set Up Times

The CS400 Kiln Shell Imaging System features specially designed software, which relies on standard Ethernet ports. Because the graphic user interface is designed specifically for cement kiln applications, the software is easy to use with little operator training required, and includes features like rapid set up, integrated shadow monitoring, polar charts, scalable AOIs and temperature trend analysis, virtual 3D walkthroughs of the entire kilns and much more – making set up times a breeze no matter the task.

Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Turnkey solution that reduces installation costs through ease of integration
  • Shadow monitoring provides temperature monitoring in difficult to see areas on kiln
  • Refractory management reduces maintenance costs

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