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Food Tracker System

Commercial Pasteurization and Sterilization

Many processed foods supplied to the food market are packaged in bottles, cans or sealed pouches. These products, as part of the processing step, need to be pasteurized/sterilized in the final packaging to guarantee food safety and extend shelf life, without any other form of preservation, such as chilling or freezing. One example is the pasteurization and sterilization of filled beer bottles in conveyorized, raining hot water and steam pasteurization lines. Batch retort sterilization at pressure is common in the processing of food products packaged in either pouches, glass jars or metal cans. Sliced meats that have already been cooked will often be flash pasteurized after the packaging process, to remove contaminant microorganisms on the meat surface in order to guarantee consumer safety.

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Application Need 

To prove that a packaged food product is sterilized or pasteurized, it is critical that the food processor monitor the core or surface temperature of the packaged food to guarantee that enough heat is imparted for a sufficient amount of time in order to kill the target microorganism. The internal product core temperature profile, measured throughout the complete sterilization process, is critical to allow lethality calculations to be performed and provide evidence that the product is safe to eat.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Prove packaged food safety (critical to HACCP) by providing accurate lethality data from successful sterilization or pasteurization
  • Allow quick, efficient validation of either new or existing thermal treatment processes for packaged foods
  • Quickly identify process problems, reducing product waste and improving productivity
  • Create fully traceable process QA / Validation records, providing evidence against legal/waranty claims
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Datapaq Food Tracker system for safe monitoring of up to 8 points, directly within the batch retort or conveyorized oven - without the challenges of trailing thermocouples
  • Thermal barrier options, including TB5817, capable of operating reliably in the retort oven with an IP67 rating and pressures up to 2 bar 29 psi
  • Comprehensive Food Tracker Insight™ Software with full lethality analysis and reporting capability for accurate proof of product sterilization and pasteurization

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