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Food Tracker System

Poultry, Meat and Seafood Processing

Datapaq® Food Tracker® Thermal Profiling System will help you validate your process to industry standards and ensure a maximized cooking cycle

While processing food items like poultry, meat and seafood, creating a safe and high-quality product within a limited timeframe is a priority. To effectively meet strict food safety and quality assurance standards, consistent temperature control throughout the entire cooking cycle is critical. This ensures successful validation of your cooking process and effectively eliminates harmful bacteria or other contaminants that may negatively impact output and quality. 

Our thermal profiling systems help you optimize production while meeting Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety regulations with ease. The Datapaq® Food Tracker Thermal Profiling System allows you to accurately gain full temperature traceability throughout the cook, chill and freeze process. You can generate data to provide suppliers with profile reports that offer assurance of correct verification and trustworthy production certification. 

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Maximize throughput and reduce downtime throughout the whole cooking cycle

Thermal profiling with Datapaq® can help you develop better process control as well as define the correct oven setup and cooking specifications for new or changing food products with ease. 

Instead of using a handheld thermometer to get temperature readings as the product exits the oven or chiller, our solution allows you to monitor oven temperature in real-time throughout the whole cooking cycle. This enables you to identify opportunities where the cooking cycle can be reduced and affirms the optimal cooking time and temperature necessary to achieve the desired quality and required food safety levels.  

Reduced cooking cycles also help to increase productivity by maximizing the throughput and revenue you can achieve by mitigating overcooking, which often leads to moisture loss and can affect taste quality. The time you save can mean extra production cycles or dedicated time for maintenance and product development.

Customized for your process

The Datapaq® Food Tracker System is specifically designed for the food industry and includes a datalogger, thermal barriers and industry-specific software.

The thermal barrier that houses the Datapaq® device is suitable for the intensity of different cooking applications needed for poultry, meat and seafood processing. It can withstand the range of steaming, frying, roasting or baking processes, regardless of the cooking duration and heat requirements – such as the 6-12 hour cooking times that typically come with ham production or 200°C temperature needed for batch roasting chicken. The IP67-rated datalogger is also safe and easy to clean, preventing cross-contamination and allowing for straightforward maintenance. 

Because food products such as whole hams, chicken nuggets and mackerel vary in thickness, we supply a range of modular thermocouples to ensure accurate temperature measurement across a wide range of product types and sizes. 

Our Food Tray and Jig accessory, for example, is customized for conveyorized cooking processes, such as chicken nugget preparation, enabling you to achieve a repeatable profile without stopping the conveyor line. 

Validate your process

To meet HACCP protocols in poultry, meat and seafood applications, statistical evidence is essential. Datapaq® reduces your validation time and overhead costs by eliminating the need for external consulting services with quick reports for review and analysis.

Why only perform validation processes annually when you can continuously collect key data from your thermal profiling system and prevent issues before they arise? With Datapaq®, you can prove your compliance all-year-round with confidence that your cooking process and equipment are geared toward excellent, high-quality output. 

To obtain validation, it's essential that product temperature profiles are sourced at the most important Critical Control Point throughout the entire cook program. Datapaq® gives you access to information that ensures a safe cook temperature is achieved and maintained through every step of the cooking and chilling process – eliminating potentially harmful micro-organisms and ensuring your product meets the highest standards.

Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Ideal for efficient process validation, with accurate 8 Channel MultiPaq21 logger and IP67 rating - specifically designed for use in the food industry
  • Range of thermal barriers designed to meet specific application needs, i.e. short high temperature roasting, long duration steaming or rapid flash frying
  • Comprehensive Food Tracker Insight™ Software package, with sophisticated lethality calculations to accurately measure the pasteurization of food and ensure food safety

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