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Food Tracker System

Poultry, Meat and Seafood Processing

In the food industry, further food processing is big business, adding value to the consumer by providing ready-to-eat meal options. Heavily governed by HACCP food safety regulations, the most critical part in poultry, meat and seafood processing is the cooking process, which ensures food safety and product quality for the consumer.

The cooking of these foods can be performed in many different ways, i.e. roasting, steaming, frying, and baking, where either batch or continuous oven technology can be used, but all methods require critical temperature monitoring to verify process control and certify food safety. Monitoring of other associated processes, such as chilling, freezing or product storage are also critical to food safety.

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Application Need 

As part of all poultry, meat and seafood processing, the most important Critical Control Point (CCP), defined by most HACCP protocols, will be the core temperature of the product during the cook, chill and freeze process.

To verify food safety, it is essential that processors are able to provide statistical evidence that the food product achieved a safe cook temperature for a required time in order to kill any potentially harmful mico-organisms. As part of this requirement, it is necessary that annual process validation is performed to prove that for any product/process, the product will be safe. To obtain validation, it is essential that product temperature profile is obtained at the core of the product (coldest part) throughout the entire cook program.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Accurately monitor CCP critical product core temperatures during cook, chill and freeze processes to verify food safety compliance with HACCP regulations
  • Perform accurate and efficient annual process validation to guarantee continued production
  • Improve process efficiency by controlling temperature and time to improve productivity, fuel efficiency and product yield
  • Optimize new products and processes quickly and accurately, so new products get to market faster
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Ideal for efficient process validation, with accurate 8 Channel MultiPaq21 logger and IP67 rating - specifically designed for use in the food industry
  • Range of thermal barriers designed to meet specific application needs, i.e. short high temperature roasting, long duration steaming or rapid flash frying
  • Comprehensive Food Tracker Insight™ Software package, with sophisticated lethality calculations to accurately measure the pasteurization of food and ensure food safety

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