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IR Sensors for Glass Processing

Glass Fiber

This medium temperature application is conducted in a conveyor process and involves the curing of resin coating on glass fiber used in insulation boards.


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Application Need 

The binder is used to hold the fibers together.  Correct curing will result in a product that can be handled and further processed to create insulation rolls & boards. The challenge is to measure the temperature on the fiber mat, as it passes through the cure oven.

IR applications include monitoring and alarming of hotspots in final product, as well as monitoring and controlling of glass fiber temperatures exiting the spinner that affect viscosity. 

Benefits to the customer 
  • Measure the temperature on the surface and at depth in the mat, ensuring all points are cured
  • Optimize the oven settings to ensure uniform curing across the width of the oven
  • Measure and prove the binder was cured, as specified by the supplier
  • Monitor long-term process stability
  • Avoid clogging of spinners with optimal fiber viscosity through IR temperature measurement
  • Avoid costly storage location fires caused from hotspots in final insulation product
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Temperature monitoring of glass fiber temperatures from spinner
  • Continuous video sighting allows improved operator control to the process
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Measure on the surface and from product core, enabling profile of full cure
  • Low-height solution fits in smallest of ovens
  • Measure entry to exit profile with no disruption of normal production

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