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IR Sensors for Glass Processing

High Performance Glass and Lens

High temperature coating of flat glass and glass lenses is conducted in a vacuum and involves the application of special coatings, such as anti-reflection.

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Application Need 

The lens coating process is undertaken in vacuum chambers, where heat transfer is achieved by a combination of radiation and conduction. The uniformity of temperature through the process is critical to the successful coating of the glass.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Accurate product temperature data enables rapid process setup when introducing new products
  • Optimize process settings to ensure uniform heating at all points of the chamber(s)
  • Troubleshoot the process quickly and easily
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Unique reflective plate solution ensures no out-gassing and measures true process conditions
  • Measure profiles from multiple locations for maximum information with minimum disruption
  • Easy-to-use software with wizards to guide the infrequent user

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