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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings
Thermal Profiling in Automotive Industry

Oven Manufacturers

Oven manufacturers promote their products to the industrial coatings market with the help of accurate, efficient thermal curing of coatings. Oven designs can range from premium bespoke paint line installations to more simple batch box ovens, utilizing either convection or infrared heat transfer mechanisms.

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Application Need 

Whether as part of R&D, demonstration or commissioning of ovens to end-users, the oven supplier needs to prove the performance of the oven in accurately heating the customer's product and meeting paint cure specifications. The oven supplier needs a tool, which will not only allow temperature uniformity studies of the oven to be performed, but provide an accurate heating process profile of the product from start to finish.

Benefits to the customer 
  • R&D tool to allow accurate, efficient design of new oven technologies
  • Oven profiling tool, essential in proving to potential customers that the oven will cure their product correctly and efficiently
  • Commision tool to prove that an installed oven is working accurately to specifications
  • Oven profiling tool used as part of an annual service/calibration program or to perform rapid fault finding when process or oven problems are experienced
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Up to 16 measurement channels allows detailed oven surveys or product temperature profiles to be performed in a single run
  • Comprehensive Insight™ Software tool creates fully certified validation reports to build customer confidence
  • Datapaq solutions to meet specific needs of unique oven designs/technologies with Real Time RF options enables live surveying direct from the oven

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