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Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings

Wood and MDF Coating

In the manufacture of consumer household products, such as furniture, kitchen cabinets, computer desks, doors and windows, coating is applied to wood or synthetic wood products, such s MDF. Different coating systems can be applied, from simple low temperature paint/varnish to powder coating systems, but each requires some degree of thermal treatment or thermal curing.

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Application Need 

Monitoring the oven process and product temperature allows correct cure against a coating supplier's specifications. For solvent-based paints, temperature may be critical to achieve the slow release of solvent prior to cure and to avoid solvent pop quality issues. Careful temperature control of the product is often critical, not only to the coating, but also the substrate to avoid warping, distortion and possible delamination. In powder coating of an MDF product, monitoring of the preheat process is critical to the successful application of powder to the product surface.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Monitor and control both coating cure and substrate core temperature reduces rejects from possible coating issues or heat-generated substrate defects
  • Monitor and control powder flow process or solvent flash off process to maximize surface finish characteristics
  • Perform MDF process optimization studies to determine correct IR preheat conditions to allow efficient powder spray coverage
  • Maximize productivity of coating line and energy efficiency
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Up to 16 measurement channels to confirm heating uniformity allows monitoring over whole oven cavity or large, coated boards
  • Range of thermocouple designs to cover all product types and heating methodologies (IR or Convection) and enables surface or core temperature to be monitored
  • Provide fully traceable profile reports to satisfy any regulatory compliance requirements or guarantee Quality Assurance to prospective new customers

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