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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing

Rod and Wire Mills

Raw material, such as steel billets and blooms, are manufactured in a steel mill and converted into bars and rod wires in a rod wire mill. The typical process temperatures are 550°C-900°C (1022°F-1652°F). The final product - rod wire, is in a coil form.

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Application Need 

A critical parameter in wire and rod applications (rod wire in a coil form) is to monitor the temperature of the process. This is an essential requirement to guarantee the highest quality products. Increasing demands on production speed (throughput), lower energy costs and minimum downtime, require state of the art measurement and data communication technologies (e.g. OPC/Ethernet).

Benefits to the customer 
  • Provide accurate temperature measurement tool to monitor and track the temperature throughout the entire process, from billet and bloom to the final product
  • Final product analysis, based on thermal images, to view the wire in a coil form
  • Supply continued temperature monitoring to maximize service life of tools (alignment)
  • Use infrared temperature measurement to support the alignment of the coil's tail ends to minimize risk of injury and damage
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • OPC connectivity to integrate the infrared linescanner into the process control system (remote setting capability)
  • Designated software with floating zones/sectors to follow the wire through the process
  • High speed and high optical resolution to measure the temperature with the smallest spot size down 2mm (.08in)

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