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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing
Temperature Profiling in Industrial Coatings

Temperature Uniformity Surveys

Confirm your furnace is in compliance with AMS2750 and CQi-9 regulations efficiently and with ease.

In the aerospace and automotive industries, temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) are crucial in confirming that your process is compliant with industry regulations and standards. Generating reports, however, can take hours and run the risk of “human error” if done manually.

To improve reporting times and eliminate man-made mistakes, Fluke Process Instruments has developed the Datapaq® Furnace TUS System to provide complete, traceable and easy-to-produce reports that prove your compliance and can help improve furnace performance.

Each system features dedicated hardware and software – designed to consistently gather accurate data, reduce reporting times and automate the report generation process – that can be used across batch furnaces, vacuum furnaces, integrated quench furnaces and other heat treatment equipment.

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Shorter Set Up Times

With through-process thermal profiling systems like the Datapaq Furnace TUS System, thermocouples can be set up, connected and checked offline – eliminating the need for feedthroughs and reducing overall downtime.

Reduced Reporting Times

With the right software, producing reports that prove compliance can quickly become a time consuming and error-prone task. Our intuitive Datapaq Insight™ Software features automated report generation options to help you bring reporting times down from hours to minutes and to minimize any data entry errors.

An In-Process Solution

Whether your conveyorized heat treatment process uses multiple chambers, mesh, rollers, walking beams or rotary furnace methods, through-process thermal profiling is a faster solution, which can also improve on-site safety, by mitigating the need for long, trailing thermocouples.

Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Run surveys in real-time more efficiently using Insight™ software that is fully compatible with AMS2750 reports that can be generated instantly
  • Flexibility of multiple thermocouple types on TP6 data loggers, with up to 20 channels on a single logger that can be doubled or tripled, depending on TUS needs
  • Fully certified TUS capability for AMS2750E and CQI-9, including on board correction factors and calibration data to eliminate human error

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