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Temperature Monitoring in Paper Converting

Cardboard Production

Single layer linerboard or cardboard, consisting of outer plies and corrugated core, is glued together in a machine called a corrugator. The glue is cured as the board passes over a steam heated roll. The temperature is controlled by how much the board is wrapped around the roll and the tension on the board.

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Application Need 

Temperature measurement is required at the center and both edges to insure proper bonding and flatness of the board. Uneven heating can cause the board to warp. Heavier boxes can consist of multiple layers of single ply and corrugated board. Each layer has to be dried to insure good bonding and that the product remains flat.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Provide consistent temperature measurement to ensure product quality
  • Control loop feedback for temperature adjustment.
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Standard USB 2.0 digital interface for remote setup and configuration with optional network communications module (RS485)
  • Field Calibration Software for on-site calibration of sensors, reducing service time and expense
  • Standard optically isolated 48VAC/300mA relay outputs eliminate need for separate limit switches or alarms

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