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Temperature Monitoring in Paper Converting

Paper Drying

In a paper mill, the paper leaves the fourdrinier machine and proceeds to wind over several steam-heated rollers to dry it before it is rolled up. If the drying is not complete, there will be streaks of water on the paper.

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Application Need 

Continuous measurement and control of moisture in paper manufacturing is critical to product cost and quality. Improper moisture content causes buckling in the paper. The need for monitoring and alarm output is required to detect excess moisture in cold spots and streaks.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Fast response linescanning technology detects moisture streaks
  • PID control input to steam drum dryer temperatures affecting moisture content
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • High optical resolution at high speed with real-time thermal imaging
  • Linescanner also features on-board Ethernet TCP/IP communication capability and built-in line laser for rapid alignment
  • Internal high-speed microprocessor calculates the temperature of the individual measurement points for each line of data

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