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IR Sensors in extrusion coating

Extrusion Coating

The process of extrusion coating (on top of substrate) and extrusion laminating (between two substrates) similarly forces a molten thermoplastic resin through a horizontal die onto a moving web. Substrates include paper, aluminum, card and printed films.

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Application Need 

Accurate detection of defects during manufacturing is necessary to improve product quality.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Use IR linescanners to identify defects and avoid product quality issues and high reject costs
  • Use IR linescanners to setup up and optimize coating/lamination machines for optimum process efficiency
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Multiple linescanners connect via LAN to single PC software with integrated OPC server
  • Integrated laser sighting for ease of alignment
  • Multiple scanline analysis options available (automatic edge detection and variable alarm threshold)

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