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Thermal profiling in reflow soldering
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Circuit Board Testing

Quickly detect faulty solder joints to ensure quality with fixed thermal imaging technology.

The last step in manufacturing a circuit board is testing final product to ensure everything is operating at 100%.

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One way to quickly test circuit boards is with a fixed thermal camera, which provides near instant results once a voltage is applied to grid. The ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imaging Camera, for example, also provides infrared and visual sighting, allowing you to easily locate the problem area.

Plus, with the ThermoView software, you can program specific areas of interest and alarms that alert your team when anything is beyond your set parameters.

Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Ensure uniform temperatures across transformer bushings 24/7
  • Continuously monitor contact points, switches, and other critical assets where hot spot conditions may occur
  • Observe your equipment and analyze data in realtime with customizable areas of interest; independent, continuous, or intermittent evaluation; and more

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