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Polysilicon Growing

By monitoring your process continuously, you can maintain consistent rod temperatures with ease.

Fluke Process Instruments offers several measurement tools designed to continuously monitor your process so you can easily maintain consistent rod temperatures. Some facilities, for example, prefer to use a single-color unit, such as the Endurance, Thermalert 4.0 or Mi3-100 because a single wavelength is less affected by the silicon coating. However, two-color pyrometers, such as the Endurance Series, can be used because you don’t have to fill the entire sighting field to measure rod temperature and, in some instances, can be used with explosion-proof housing when Hydrogen gas is present.

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To produce any integrated circuit or circuit board, manufacturers must begin with a process called polysilicon growing. This application, which takes place in a large vacuum, sees several small, hairpin-shaped rods connected to a power supply and heated. Once these rods meet the appropriate temperature, gas containing silica is added to the process – allowing the rods to grow in diameter.

After the gas is added, each rod must keep a consistent temperature throughout the entire process, which can take several days. As each rod increases in diameter the power must also be increased to maintain temperature; however, if the power is increased too much, the rods will melt, and the process must be stopped and started again.

Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Dedicated spectral models P3 (3.43 µm) and P7 (7.9 µm) to provide accurate temperature measurements even for very thin plastics even for very low temperature (P3 down to 25° (77 (°F) and P7 10°C (50 °F))
  • Spectal ranges P3 and P7 in one product series cover most common plastic materials
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Standard USB 2.0 digital interface for remote setup and configuration with optional network communications module (RS485)
  • Field Calibration Software for on-site calibration of sensors, reducing service time and expense
  • Standard optically isolated 48VAC/300mA relay outputs eliminate need for separate limit switches or alarms
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Single unit designed to handle wider temperature ranges to suit any welding or forming application
  • Enhanced software for data capturing, trending analyses and quality reports
  • Integrated galvanically isolated I/O to reduce system installation costs

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