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SolarPaq  Thermal Profiling System

Contact Drying Process, Silicon PV Manufacturing

Contact drying is a short, mid-temperature process used to dry the metal paste that is screen printed onto the silicon solar cell. It can be undertaken in a standalone drier or as part of a combined drying & firing furnace.

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Application Need 

The drying process is critical where there can be up to three ovens on each production line. Setting up the drying process correctly will optimize production yield and ensure highest cell conversion efficiencies.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Ensure the drying profile meets the paste specification
  • Quickly set up or change process settings
  • Match the dryer performance to the firing furnace
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Lowest height solution can be used in ovens with as little as 10mm (.4 in) clearance, with no disruption to normal production settings
  • Obtain accurate repeatable results of cell temperature, enabling process optimization
  • Quickly plot changes in oven performance, enabling rapid problem resolution and minimum downtime

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