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SolarPaq  Thermal Profiling System

Anti-Reflection Coating & Thin Film Deposition

Coating of glass in vacuum deposition processes is used to create thin film solar panels. Silicon Nitride in PECVD processes is used to coat silicon solar cells to form an anti-reflection layer.

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Application Need 

Measuring temperature uniformity in the process is essential to achieve best throughput. The challenge is to measure the substrate temperature, as it is coated and closed within the vacuum chamber.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Measure product temperature uniformity across the process chamber(s)
  • Optimize the process by reducing energy costs and/or increasing throughput
  • Troubleshoot the process quickly and easily
  • Track process stability
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Innovative design utilizes reflective plates so no out-gassing - ideal for vacuum processes
  • Designed to be used even with plasma activated, so measuring true process conditions
  • Range of solutions working up to 600C in high vacuum applications

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