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ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager Pan and Tilt Housing

Infrared Temperature Solutions

Pan and Tilt Housing Accessory for ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager
Pan and Tilt Software
Pan and Tilt Housing Accessory for ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager
Pan and Tilt Software
Key Features 
Sighting: IR-Fusion® technology (thermal and visible sighting) for easy alignment and added detail on blended images
Alarm notifications through Modbus, EthernetIP, digital outputs, or email
IP66-rated housing for protection against dust and water in harsh industrial environments
Base mount or wall mount accessories available
Technical Specifications 
  • Wide temperature range: -10 to 1200°C (14 to 2192°F)
  • 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 infrared resolution
  • 360° continuous rotation horizontally
  • -40° up to 90° vertical rotation
  • Operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
  • ThermoView Critical Asset Monitoring Software
Download Apps: 

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Product Overview

Building on the versatile, high-performance ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager, the Pan and Tilt is a new integrated system and housing accessory designed for remote temperature monitoring in substations and electric utility applications.

No aspect of modern society can function without power, so keeping the power distribution grid up and running is essential in order to maintain our day-to-day lives. As renewable energy sources continue to make headlines, traditional power utility companies are facing increased pressure to provide low-cost energy. This, paired with aging infrastructure, is putting additional stress on power generation facilities—which, if critical equipment fails, can ultimately disrupt power supplied to the grid.

Now more than ever, power facilities must implement solid temperature monitoring solutions to that can help to identify possible equipment failures, perform preventative maintenance, keep repair and replacement costs under control, ensure power is supplied to the grid without interruption, and more.

The Pan and Tilt can be mounted on a wall or pedestal and has the ability to rotate 360° horizontally and -40° up to 90° vertically – creating a multiple imager solution and larger field of view so you can continuously monitor temperature in difficult-to-reach places or compare multiple pieces of equipment, such as transformer bushings. The unit also features IP66-rated housing, protecting the thermal imager from dust and water in outdoor settings and harsher industrial environments.

Your Solution for Critical Asset Monitoring

Included with the Pan and Tilt system is the ThermoView Critical Asset Monitoring Software, which builds off our advanced ThermoView Software with integrated thermal and visual sighting capabilities. In addition to its versatile capabilities, the software offers a fully integrated thermal analysis of large areas where multiple cameras were previously needed – allowing you to easily identify equipment failures, perform maintenance, and keep repair costs to a minimum.

The software can but also provide advanced alarming on changing temperatures over a historical time period or differential temperatures between two discrete areas – helping to detect hot spots before a real problem (such as machine failure or on-site fire) occurs and to avoid costly, unexpected downtime. Alarm output can be mapped to discrete I/O modules or output over a Modbus or Ethernet/IP network as well.

The Pan and Tilt system is ideal for remote, continuous monitoring of critical assets, but users can continue to observe equipment and analyze data in real-time to ensure any critical machinery or assets are within the specified temperature range. For additional information, please review the Pan and Tilt Brochure and Pan and Tilt Datasheet.

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