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IR Sensors for Glass Processing

Datapaq® Furnace Tracker Systems for Glass Tempering and Bending

Innovative low-height thermal barriers for glass tempering processes

Glass furnace temperature profiling system
Datapaq DP5642 datalogger
Specialty Glass Insight software
Glass Processing Thermal Barriers
Glass furnace temperature profiling system
Datapaq DP5 Datalogger Product Video
Datapaq DP5642 datalogger
Specialty Glass Insight software
Glass Processing Thermal Barriers

Unravel the Mysteries of Your Process

  • Measure true glass temperatures through the furnace and air quench to get the full picture
  • Quickly confirm settings for different glass types and thickness
  • Optimize cycle times, reducing energy costs

Designed specifically for glass tempering applications, this Datapaq Furnace Tracker System allows you to get accurate temperature profiles in real-time for all types of glass, including hard- and soft-coated low-e glass.

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The Datapaq Furnace Tracker Systems for Glass Tempering and Bending from Fluke Process Instruments feature the Datapaq DP5 data logger, low height thermal barriers from our TB75/TB77 range, thermocouples and our intuitive Insight™ Software to create a complete solution.

This solution is optimized specifically for the glass tempering process, where the height at the furnace entrance is typically very limited. The system’s unique thermal barrier design includes an exterior ceramic coating to ensure there is no metal contact with furnace rollers. This solution ranges from 29 to 60mm (1.14 to 2.36 in.) high and can be used in temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F).

Data Logger

The Datapaq DP5 is the perfect solution for low-height applications like glass tempering due to its size, which can be as low as 11.7mm (0.46 in.) and as narrow as 57 mm (2.24 in.). Once combined with the Datapaq Insight™ Software, you can display information from the data logger in real-time via the optional Radio Frequency (RF) system or via standard USB/Bluetooth connections.

  • Available in 6 or 12 channel configurations
  • Sample rate as fast as every 0.05 seconds
  • Communication via ultra-fast USB
  • User replaceable Nimh battery pack
  • Compatible with the Datapaq Insight™ Software

Thermal Barriers

The Low-Height Thermal Barrier Series incorporates multiple design features including a ceramic coating, which reflects infrared heat and ensures no metal touches the furnace rollers. It also features a laser welded outer case to minimize distortion and a combined heatsink and logger tray to make data logger removal both easy and safe.

The TB7528 and TB7729 options are designed for use in both conveyor and oscillating furnaces up to 700°C (1292°F) for 8 minutes, while the TB740 is ideal for use in high-temperature conveyor furnaces up to 850°C (1562°F) for 15 minutes.


Every Datapaq Insight™ Software product is designed to convert your raw data into meaningful information that can be acted on. All three software options provide a clear user interface, context sensitive help screens and wizards to assist novice users. The ability to change the language and email results directly from software enables you to share information across the plant and across the world, whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

Datapaq DP5 Data Loggers Compatible with Low-Height Thermal Barriers

Model Number
Temperature range
-150 to 1370°C (-238 to 2498°F)
USB or Bluetooth*
Memory capacity
50,000 data points
Start/stop triggers
Manual, Rising/falling temperature
Sampling interval
0.05 sec – 10 mins
± 0.5 °C (0.9 °F)
± 0.1°C (0.18 °F)
Thermocouple type
Type K
Multiple run capability
Up to 10 profile runs before returning to PC
High temperature NimH rechargeable

*Contact Fluke Process Instruments for availability of RF telemetry and Bluetooth in your country.


Low-Height Thermal Barriers

Thermal Barrier features


  1. Hight only 29mm (1,14in)
  2. Ceramic coating to protect furnace rollers
  3. Combined heatsink and datalogger organizer
Model Number
 29 x 218 x 429 mm
(1.14 x 8.58 x 16.9”)
 29 x 256 x 461 mm
(1.14 x 10.08 x 18.15”)
 40 x 253 x 316 mm
(1.57 x 9.96 x 12.44”)
 60 x 194 x 355 mm
(2.36 x 7.64 x 13.98”)
Thermal duration
8 minutes at 700ºC (1292ºF)
15 minutes at 850ºC (1562ºF)
22 minutes at 850ºC (1562ºF)
6 kg (13.2 lb)
10 kg (22 lb)
10 kg (22 lb)
11 kg (24.2 lb)
Data logger
Maximum operating temperature
700°C (1292°F)
850°C (1562°F)

The Low-Height Thermal Barrier Series is optimized for use in short-duration, high-temperature processes such as glass tempering. Typical applications include:

Glass Bending Applications

Glass Bending

In glass bending applications, which are commonly found when manufacturing glass for automobiles, the overall temperature and temperature uniformity of the material is critical. The temperature must be low enough to ensure minimal distortion, yet also high enough so that the glass be press bent without damage. Our low-height, ceramic-coated thermal barriers can be placed behind glass sheets, so they are profiled as they pass through the furnace, measuring temperatures from up to 10 points on the sheet. Once the glass sheet exits the furnace, the Datapaq DP5 data logger can be retrieved safely from the thermal barrier and the data downloaded to the Insight™ Software.

Glass Tempering

Getting the correct thermal profile is critical in ensuring that the correct stress level is created in the glass. Overheating risks distortion and if temperature uniformity is poor, the glass may shatter. The TB7528 and TB7729 thermal barriers are low enough to pass through the furnace with the glass. As the system travels through the furnace, it can measure temperature from up to 10 points by using mineral insulated or glass fiber-insulated thermocouples. Furthermore, where oscillating furnaces are used, thermal barriers can be placed to one side of the glass and thermocouples can be fixed to the glass surface with ceramic cement.

Special and Custom Solutions

The experienced engineering team at Fluke Process Instruments has produced numerous thermal barriers for applications, ranging from temperatures of -40°C to 1350°C (-40°F to 2462°F). They can design a complete solution for your specific requirements. Contact us to request information about a custom Datapaq thermal profiling solution.

Thermocouple PA083X Range

This range of thermocouples, available in lengths from 1m to 6m (39 in. to 236 in.), is constructed using special limits of error materials that are insulated in a glass fiber insulating sheath. They are each fitted with a miniature high temperature plug for direct connection to the data logger. The welded tip is exposed to ensure fastest response time and the tip can be cemented to the surface of the glass under test.

  • PA0830  1 m/3.3 ft
  • PA0831  2 m/6.6 ft
  • PA0832  3 m/9.8 ft

Thermocouple PA092X Range

This range of mineral-insulated thermocouples is available in lengths from 1 m to 6 m (39 in. to 236 in.) and features an isolated hot junction and exterior sheath of Nicrobel. They are fitted with a miniature high-temperature plug for direct connection to the logger.

  • PA0920  1 m/3.3 ft
  • PA0921  2 m/6.6 ft
  • PA0922  3 m/9.8 ft
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