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Furnace Tracker in high temp heat treatment

Datapaq® Furnace Temperature Uniformity Survey Systems

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Thermal Profiling Systems

Furnace-System für Temperaturgleichmäßigkeitsprüfungen
Softwarebild TUS-System
Datapaq TP3 Temperatur-Datenlogger
Datapaq XDL12 Datenlogger
Hitzeschutzbehälter TB4500
Key Features 
Reliable and accurate profiling systems confirm your furnace is in compliance with new AMS 2750E and CQI-9
Specially designed Insight™ Temperature Uniformity Survey Software can separate profiling and surveying functions
Selection of compact and highly accurate temperature data loggers measure temperatures up to 1370°C/2498°F and ensure compliance with industry standards
Specially built thermal barriers are reinforced with high-grade Inconel casing for maximum protection at high temperatures (up to 1200°C/2190°F) with minimal barrier casing distortion
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Product Overview

Assembled from a selection of data loggers, protective thermal barriers and thermocouples, and completed with Insight™ Temperature Uniformity Survey Software, this system insures compliance with all required industry specifications. 

For more information, download Furnace Tracker System brochure

Temperature Uniformity Survey Software

This advanced software package for real-time data monitoring, along with the TM21 Radio (RF) Telemetry System, separates both profiling and surveying functions, each having its own wizards and analysis tabs. This software automatically performs full analysis calculations, allows for real-time alarms and alerts when critical events take place during the survey, and instantly prints a survey report complying with the AMS2750E standard. Other features include: 

  • One single software package for TUS (Temperature Uniformity Survey) setup, thermocouple and logger calibration correction factors - no further software modules required
  • Provides complete AMS2750E documentation
  • Displays tolerances and setpoints in real-time

For detailed information, download the following support material:

Temperature Data Loggers

The Datapaq® TP3 Data Logger offers high accuracy for the most demanding applications and a choice of 10 or 20 channel loggers.  For detailed information, download the Datapaq TP3 Data Logger brochure. To learn how the Datapaq TP3 can benefit your operation, download the 3 Key Wins document. Features include:

  • Temperature range: −100°C to 1370°C/−148°F to 2498°F
  • Sample interval: 0.1 sec – 50 min without telemetry; 1 sec – 50 min with RF telemetry
  • Memory: 3.2 million data points for 10 Channel; 3.6 million data points for 20 Channel
  • Robust stainless steel machined case
  • High logger accuracy: ±0.3°C/±0.5°F for compliance with tight specifications
  • Radio frequency (RF) telemetry or hard wired data acquisition for real-time monitoring
  • Multiple thermocouple types give flexibility for TUS and SAT

The Datapaq XDL12 Data Logger is designed for temperature uniformity surveying (TUS) in batch and vacuum furnaces where data collection, external to the furnace, is required to ensure compliance with the AMS2750E & CQI-9 standards. For detailed information, download the Datapaq XDL12 Data Logger brochure. Features include:

  • Choice of thermocouple types required for your application (Datapaq will pre-configure all 12 channels to meet your exact needs)
  • Thermocouple sockets, color coded to IEEE specification, to eliminate mistakes with setup and save technicians time
  • Robust casing constructed of high grade stainless steel and completely sealed from dust to IP50 specification

Thermal Barriers

The TB4500 Series Thermal Barrier is built for vacuum carburizing furnaces where repeated high pressure gas quench are vital to monitor. These barriers withstand high temperatures up to 1000°C/1832°F, through repeated heating and cooling cycles, providing maximum protection for the data logger. This barrier features:

  • High quality stainless steel casing for maximum protection in carburizing atmospheres
  • Removable quench deflector shields to minimize barrier distortion during rapid cooling periods
  • Strengthening at critical points with removable gas quench deflector shields and taper lock catches to eliminate the need for threaded catches, which may be prone to high temperature seizure
  • Gas flow venting through insulation layers and heat sink holders to instantly equalize pressure during a gas quench to prevent internal barrier damage
  • Heat sink pressure lock filler points to prevent damage during pressurizing

The TB4600 Series Thermal Barrier is built specifically for high temperature operation in vacuum furnaces. They have been designed to operate at temperatures up to 1200°C/2190°F and to withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles, providing maximum protection for the data logger. This barrier features:

  • High grade reinforced Inconel casing for maximum protection at high temperatures (up to 1200°C/2190°F), with minimal barrier casing distortion
  • Barrier strengthening on both lid and base to minimize barrier distortion at critical points ensuring a positive barrier seal for maximum protection of the data logger
  • Quench deflector shields to minimize barrier distortion during rapid cooling periods
  • Gas flow venting through insulation layers and heat sink holders to instantly equalize pressure during a gas quench to prevent internal barrier damage
  • High grade robust alumina reinforced microporous insulation to allow repeated operation at high furnace temperatures

For detailed information, download the TB4500/TB4600 Series Thermal Barriers brochure.


Datapaq thermocouple probes are designed for high temperature applications in heat treatment processes and specified to ASNI MC96.1 Special Limits of Error ±0.4% or ±1.1°C (±2°F), whichever is greater. The Type N thermocouple can be supplied for furnace survey applications and calibration services for AMS2750 and CQI-9 requirements. For detailed information, download our list of thermocouples.


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