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Furnace Tracker in high temp heat treatment

Specialty Furnace Systems

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Thermal Profiling Systems

Specialty Furnace Temperature Profiling Systems
Furnace-Software für Hochtemperaturanwendungen
Datapaq DP5 Dataloggers
Datapaq TP3 Temperatur-Datenlogger
VB1150 Thermal Barrier for Aluminum Brazing in Vacuum Furnaces
Key Features 
Pre-built, reliable and accurate thermal profiling systems for in-process temperature surveying in highly demanding, hot and very specific applications
Easy-to-use Insight™ analysis software available in full version and basic version tailored to your needs
Highly accurate temperature data loggers measuring temperatures up to 1370°C/2498°F
Selection of state-of-the art and ready-made reliable thermal barriers and thermocouples to suit challenging environments
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Product Overview

To meet specific process requirements where customized thermal barriers and temperature data loggers are required, the Datapaq® team designs and builds special systems to suit very specific and unique applications and processes. 

For more information, download Furnace Tracker System brochure.


Temperature Profiling Software

Furnace Insight Software starts in wizard mode and guides the user through the basic setup of a furnace profile – basic analysis and operation for line operators and advanced analysis and password protection for advanced users and engineers. Features include:

  • Insight wizards guide you step-by-step through frequently used profiling functions
  • Open multiple Paqfiles and instantly compare data from one run to another
  • Analysis tabs run along the bottom of the screen to facilitate the following functions: max/min, time at temperature, rise/fall, slopes, peak difference, temperature uniformity survey, view data and alarms
  • Set up process files with furnace, product and recipe information with the help of a wizard; these details are saved and can be modified at any time
  • Set up your own “alarm” system to alert you when a process is out of specification

For detailed information, download the following support material:

The Furnace Insight Basic Software is the reduced functionality version of the full Insight Software for Furnace Tracker. It is used where application requirements can be satisfied with basic analysis.  For detailed information, download the Furnace Tracker Insight Basic Software. Features include:

  • TM21 (RF) Radio Telemetry and Bluetooth® capability with full real-time support
  • New simplified summary of your process and furnace parameters
  • New contour plot analysis for 2D product heat maps for visual detection of hot and cold spots
  • Available in 14 languages, including translated help text
  • Time at temperature and slope analysis with alarm capabilities
  • Logger calibration certificate access for instant printing

Temperature Data Loggers

The Datapaq TP3 data loggers are housed in a robust stainless-steel machined case and offer a choice of 10 or 20 channel loggers with 3.6 million data points, providing high accuracy for the most demanding applications. For detailed information, download the Datapaq TP3 data logger brochure. To learn how the Datapaq TP3 can benefit your operation, download the 3 Key Wins document. Features include:

  • Temperature range: −100°C to 1370°C/−148°F to 2498°F
  • Sample interval: 0.1 sec – 50 min without telemetry; 1 sec – 50 min with RF telemetry
  • Memory: 3.2 million data points for 10 Channel; 3.6 million data points for 20 Channel
  • Robust stainless steel machined case
  • High logger accuracy: ±0.3°C (±0.5°F) for compliance with tight specifications
  • Radio frequency (RF) telemetry or hard wired data acquisition for real-time monitoring

The Datapaq DP5 data loggers are available in two height and width options to ensure the best solution for your process requirements and their features include:

  • Temperature range: -200°C to 1370°C/-328°F to 2498°F
  • Sample interval: 0.05 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Memory: 50,000 readings per channel
  • USB and Bluetooth communication
  • Combines speed of readings with superb accuracy
  • Available for use with Type K, N and T thermocouples
  • High accuracy +/- 0.5°C/0.9°F

For detailed information, download the Datapaq DP5 data logger brochure.

Thermal Barriers

TB7500 Series Ultra-Low-Height High Temperature Thermal Barriers has been designed using processes and materials developed for protecting F1 racing cars from the heat of the engine. The smallest of the barriers provides 10 minutes protection at 650°C/1202°F in a package only 29 mm (1.14 inches) high. This enables users for the first time to profile the "shake and bake" tempering furnaces used in the flat glass industry. For detailed information see the High Temperature Low Profile Barrier datasheet and the Glass Tempering Application datasheet.

  • Used in applications up to 1150°C/2102°F
  • Inconel distortion free outer case ensures long operating life
  • Exterior surfaces are ceramic coated to protect furnace rollers
  • Sliding tray and heatsink speed up logger removal
  • Doors can be locked, preventing heat entry even when operated on oscillating rollers
  • New high density insulation and steel heat sink ensure best performance from smallest package

Slab Reheat Thermal Barriers are designed for slab reheat applications and contains various layers of insulation, which slow down the passage of heat and create a temperature gradient within the system. For detailed information, download the Slab Reheat Thermal Barriers brochure. Features include:

  • Low thermal barrier height for low clearance furnaces
  • High thermal capacity to cope with stoppages that occur frequently
  • Phased evaporation technology allows long duration
  • Datapaq Floating Plate® construction minimizes distortion
  • Rugged high grade stainless steel resists high temperatures

Billet Reheat Thermal Barriers are designed specifically for the reheat of billets before rolling into wire or piercing for tubes and sized to minimize loading problems. For detailed information, download the Billet Reheat Thermal Barriers brochure. Features include:

  • High thermal capacity to cope with stoppages
  • Phased evaporation technology allows long duration
  • Datapaq Floating Plate construction minimizes distortion
  • Rugged high grade stainless steel resists high temperatures

Water/Polymer Quench Barriers use blanket of fiber insulation to protect temperature data loggers for up to 20 hours at 550°C/1000°F temperatures and allow the system to pass through a full water or polymer quench tank, which normally follows the solution treatment furnace. For detailed information, download the Water/Polymer Quench Thermal Barriers brochure. Features include:

  • Low height essential for furnaces where clearance is limited
  • Unique recharging method for boosting thermal capacity in the aging furnace
  • Rugged perforated stainless steel frame allows fast water drainage after quench

VB2000 Series Vacuum Process Thermal Barriers, designed for use in sputter coating and vacuum brazing processes, feature an all-metal construction, ensuring that outgassing is reduced to an absolute minimum. For detailed information, download the Vacuum Barrier datasheet. Features include:

  • Operating in processes ranging from a few minutes to many hours and from 100°C/212°F up to 700°C/1292°F
  • No outgassing, ensuring no disruption to normal production
  • Stainless steel construction - no polluting of the process chambers
  • Rapid cool down for re-use
  • A range of sizes, from the very lowest height of only 18 mm (0.71 inches), ensures they can be used in the most height limited applications
  • For high temperature applications, the outer surfaces are ceramic-coated to ensure performance is not degraded even with frequent use

VB1150 Barriers for Aluminum Brazing in Vacuum Furnaces are designed for use exclusively in vacuum furnaces. The VB1150 makes use of reflective plate technology to protect the Datapaq TP3 data logger from high temperatures up to 700°C/1292°F. For detailed information, download the VB1150 Barriers for Aluminum Brazing brochure. Features include:

  • Unique reflective plate system – eliminates need for insulation and ensures minimal out-gassing
  • Insulation free – no out-gassing results in maximizing production load even when profiling
  • Plasma spray ceramic coated metal work eliminates oxidation of the steel and ensures long life performance
  • Quick cool down periods – system is always ready when needed

Rotating Water Barriers are designed to fit inside steel pipes or attach to aluminum logs.The Phased Evaporation Barrier is capable of rotating with the product in the homogenizing furnace and withstanding water quench. Features include:

  • Manufactured from high grade stainless steel to resist harsh process conditions
  • Small diameter, yet high thermal capacity to suit long processes
  • Can be manufactured to suit non-standard steel tube diameters
  • Able to monitor furnaces where trailing thermocouples would be impossible

Pressure Resistant Barriers for Autoclaves are manufactured from high grade stainless steel to resist harsh autoclave operating conditions. For detailed information, download the Pressure Resistant Barriers for Autoclaves brochure. Features include:

  • Pressure vessel design with single fastener clamping mechanism for fast setup
  • Automatic safety valve to prevent internal pressure retention in case of leakage
  • High thermal capacity to suit long processing times

Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) Surveyor Barriers are lightweight, easy-to-use and ideal for daily use as an instant quality check. This multi-purpose barrier can be removed from the Surveyor Arms for use with a regular Datapaq profiling system. For detailed information, download the CAB Surveyor Barriers brochure. Features include:

  • Sealed insulation design for longevity and minimal repairs
  • Thermocouple wire channel for ease-of-use
  • 6 and 10 channel compatible, RF telemetry-ready
  • Reduced cooling down period for back-to-back runs

Customized Barriers are designed to meet specific process requirements where a standard range thermal barrier would not be suitable. For more information on customized barriers, please contact us.


Thermocouple probes are an essential part of a Datapaq Temperature Profiling systems and are designed and tested to last with the highest accuracies in the most demanding environments. They are placed at critical points on the product to give a clear profile of the temperature throughout the process. Datapaq offers a wide variety of PTFE, glass fiber or mineral insulated thermocouples to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures. For detailed information, download our list of thermocouples (PDF).


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