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Temperature Monitoring in Construction Materials

Gypsum Wallboard Production

Wallboards are made from either natural gypsum (calcium sulfate) or so-called byproduct gypsum calcium sulfate extracted in coal power plants. The raw material is mixed with water and additives. The mixture termed "slurry" spreads onto a moving sheet of paper and during the length of the production line, it sets and is finally cut to the required length before the boards travel into the dryer. The drying process is monitored and controlled to prevent voids and cracks in the wallboard.

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Application Need 

Wallboards have to stay within a very narrow bandwidth of moisture content during and after the production process to ensure the necessary chemical and mechanical characteristics for the final product.

The chemical reaction, the variation in the raw material and the paper being used in the process can create voids, bubbles and paper blows. To identify these defects is one of the major requirements during the production process. Early abnormalities can be detected close to the knife using the ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager System.

The wallboard drying process demands a balanced furnace through all decks to achieve product uniformity at the lowest energy consumption possible. Blowers and fans are used to achieve the balance and an overall dryer thermal balance profile is required to meet quality and energy requirements.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Provide a balanced dryer profile with historic view to visualize changes in the dryer over time (for maintenance and energy adjustments)
  • Provide a tool to detect voids, bubbles and paper blows with the capability for automatic rejection of defective boards
  • Traceability reporting (recipe, date, time, short and long term) to address customer claims
  • Provide a turnkey solution with automatic recipe change, customized setting capability, and automatic triggering to maximize the automation throughout the process
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Turnkey solution minimizes installation costs
  • High optical resolution at fast speeds and ethernet communication
  • Unique pattern recognition software, easy to use, customizable

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