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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing

Continuous Casting Processing

Continuous casting is a process that solidifies molten metal into various forms, known as billets, blooms and slabs. The process may include immediate hot rolling to shape the final strand, which is then cut into lengths for either stockpiling or transferring directly to the next stage of the forming process.

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Application Need 

Temperature measurement must be made at multiple points of the process to avoid breakouts that can occur for a number of reasons. Temperature is a key process parameter used to control cooling sprays, and for the final temperature and surface defects before rolling and/or cutting.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Provide reliable temperature monitoring in harsh environments
  • Accurate temperature measurement in the spray zone where steam can obstruct sensor field of view
  • Avoid breakouts due to improper temperature control
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • A ratio unit allows for up to 95% signal attenuation, preventing steam and dust from interfering with the accuracy of the measurement results
  • The small optical head and flexible cable is the best choice for hard-to reach locations.
  • Added protection with optional water-cooling jacket and built-in air purge collar to house the unit and protect it from physical damage

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