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Temperature Monitoring in Primary Metals Processing


In a foundry, molten metal is poured into a mold. Subsequent operations include removing either the mold material or the casting after the metal has solidified. Typical casting applications can include Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Die Casting and Billet (Ingot) Casting.

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Application Need 

Temperature of molten metal getting poured into a mold must be carefully controlled. Because of this, temperature measurement is required in many areas of a foundry. Pre-heating of ladles to specific temperature limits improves product quality. Molten material being poured into the mold must also be monitored to be within acceptable temperature limits. Additionally, monitoring the outer shell of the ladle to prevent molten metal breaking through the refractory lining.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Avoid thermocouple use with non-contact temperture
  • Provide traceability for each melt
  • Increase mold life and improved product quality with precisie temperature control
Infrared Temperature Solutions
  • Reduce installation costs with robust, galvanically isolated inputs/outputs
  • Integrated video sighting fed to control room provides real-time confidence that unit is sighted properly
  • Best-in-class 4 year warranty

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